Best looking staff/polearm in game


Whats the best looking polearm or staff in game.. Tried looking through atlas but wanna hear everyone's opinion.
Benediction Always loved this one :)
That one might be a bit hard to obtain for a Druid...

Best staff: one of the two Naxx staves (Origin of Nightmares / Journey's End).

Not sure about Polearms myself tbh. I like the current PvP one and the one from ToC.
Grand Magisters Staff of Torrents.
Black Ice.

Also, the staff that drops from Yogg-Saron and Halberd od Desolation.

Those 4 are my personal favourites.
Well, to play a little with the words 'look like': Fandral's Flamescythe.
Draenic Wildstaff or maybe, something with the The Lifebinder model?
I like the Flame Wrath
Black Ice

Best looking polearm ever.
Black Ice

Best looking polearm ever.

Totally agree on that one, i absolutely love it!
Origin of Nightmares, the Lifebinder, Pillar of Ferocity for staves...

Hellreaver is the only polearm model that I approve.
Terestian's Stranglestaff of course!

Hell yeah, the squid on a stick
[Frostscythe of Lord Ahune] of course
Staff: Apostle of Argus
Polearm: Sonic Spear lol
do like Pillar of Ferocity

This matches realy well with the Tier 5 armour set. So it's not realy just about whether the staff looks cool, it's also what else you want to wear with it (assuming this is related to transmogrification).

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