What happend to Lionheart Executioner?

Every1 who wants this awesome weapon back in the game show som support here :) for next patch!!!
yes pls bring it back! I have only the first stahe and, although it looks awensome, it's still not as cool as executioner... I'm wondering why I never got the plans in the first place anyway....
taken them pretty long to add them back to the game (we are probably not gonna get them back ever), kinda fail to remove the BS specs but not put the spec specific plans out for all bs's
I feel your pain here. I levelled a blacksmith to the Wrath level smithing skills in Cataclysm, hoping to get some of these rare and awesome weapon skins that I was seeing on WoWhead, only to find that they'd been removed. Lionheart was one of the reasons I went BS on my warrior. Can I have the recipe now please Blizz?
bring it back.
Don't bring it back!
My warrior has it, i like feeling smug on him. :3

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