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Hi, I'm coping a part of the post made on wowhead cause I agree with it's author 100%
The post was writen by Ghostwhowalks:
I think one of the ways WoW could keep itself relevant is through its redesigning on the tanking role in the game. Characters geared specifically as Tanks have been in increasingly high demand, while DPS have been a dime-a-dozen. Not only has it made it harder to form groups to go do content, but it's created a nasty environment where Tanks are bribed to go join groups while DPS are treated as second-class citizens who can be kicked from randoms without hesitation because they'll be easily replaced. So why don't we deal with both problems by making more DPS specs capable of tanking?

With the recent changes to threat, Tanks no longer have to go out of their way for stats or talents which increase their threat generation, so why not add some survivability talents/abilities to some DPS classes and give them the ability to switch into a "tanking mode" when needed? For example, Hunters and Warlocks already have pets intended for personal tanking, why not emphasize that and allow Beast Mastery Hunters and Demonology Warlocks to use some different talents or abilities than normal and let them tank through their pets? Enhancement Shamans could, feasibly, link their totems together to create some kind of damage-absorption field. Combat Rogues could enter some sort of mode where they become dodge/parry "tanks", maybe even the ability to perform "half-dodges" where they take reduced damage from hits to make up for their inability to wear stronger armor.

I would love to tank as enhancement shaman and as BM hunter in instances.
In short: Why not remove tanks from the game and have only healers and DPS, with one guy asigned to charge in to everything?

Just no.srsly
Well, lets give mages far less power and some tanking then. Because they are way overpowered & big mouthed. I fully support Dalilla in this.
Not realy sure about that idea tbh. Tankin mages sounds too scary for me. I can live with shammys but noooo for mages. From other hand why not. Its always something new to the game :)
This would certainly make the tanking role far more interesting and versatile. Re mages: I think the idea of something like a combat mage (for example) is intriguing, and worth looking into it. Perhaps some DPS classes (at least melee) could be specced to do less DPS, but be more durable. I like the idea of making the opposite poles of DPS and tanking more of a spectrum. The only downside I think would be that gear and stats would be much more complex, and that certainly a lot of purists would complain.

But overall: nice idea!
why not give all classes a healing spec aswell and be done with it. If a hunter or rogue can get a tanking spec, then i want a healing spec for my warrior.
13/09/2011 13:22Posted by Katsuragi
i want a healing spec for my warrior.

Bandage spec.
Field Medic spec now please.
If you can turn gnomes into healers, warriors can't be any harder.
13/09/2011 14:17Posted by Alenya
If you can turn gnomes into healers, warriors can't be any harder.

made me laugh:)
but shamans tank would be imba we alrdy got rockbitter so now we need an sort of defensive stance thingie
but rogue.... no
hunter pet... how can u put ur pet in dungeon finder?
same for lock
And the class merging grows stronger; I predict suggestions of one class, and 17 talent trees.
At the end of vanilla and in TBC, I tanked dungeons with my pet. I had very bad dps left, healer had no trouble keeping the pet aliva and you take 3 real dps too.
Gorilla with thunder for aoe aggro, crit immune, resist + hp + armor talents. It was awesome and I miss it tbh. Back then your gear had a lot more influence on your pet so you would gather sta+str gear for your tanking pet which was fun. Or you could gather a whole cloth +sp set and heal your pet for healer like amounts.

I'm not one of the nostalgic players who want to play vanialla. But I do believe hunters need their old roles back. BM = dungeon tanking, MM = pve dps and SV = pvp dps.
Today our pet is nothing more than a 2.5k dps dot. It requires 0 maintenance and it has 0 personality.
Tanking is not about whether the class can do it, it is about whether the player can tank, and wants to tank.

If a player wants to tank, then they will create a tanking character, I think part of the reason for DKs was a shortcut route to create extra tanks, and how many of them do you see?
Making all classes equal is the wrong way to go about it, you need to look at why people don't tank.
Hmm, I can see enhancement shamans doing tanking, perhaps give them a new talent tree, rock skin or something elemental based....OR just create a new tanking class...though I have to agree I don't think out of all the classes there are enough 'tanks' to choose from, not a specific tanking class.

Maybe the next hero class will be a singular tanking class with three tanking trees to choose from that will be specific AOE tanking, singular target tanking and resistance tanking trees.

Just an idea.

For now, if you complain about lack of tanks go roll one and join our club.

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