WoW tourism - Dungeons & Raids (video)

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I present you a different kind of WoW movie, one that aims to show off the beauty of the world of Azeroth. Specifically some of the dungeon and raid instances that are dotted around the world. A video to showcase a game engine often noted for being old, that produces graphics often considered out-dated. Despite this it can still produce images of wonder, and invoke true emotions in those that play it. Well, i don't need to preach to the converted... sit back and enjoy a chilled trip around the likes of Firelands, Ragefire Chasm, and everything in between. welcomed. :)
Awesome i demand more. And not only dungeons and raids if possible.
Very nice indeed. I liked the Icecrown Citadel part. Very unusual way of seeing it :P
Thanks guys, I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but it's good to hear people like something a bit more chilled out, from a different perspective.. especially when we've spent months in these places, sometimes looking at the exact same view the whole time.

Part 2 is half done, will post once it's complete. :)

Could you tell how you made that floating camera thing. Doing my own movies and that looks so much cooler than flying with mount and take unstable video
there's a link to the tool used to do it in the video description - not sure what the policy on linking to external sites is here beyond fan creations on youtube etc. :-)
Very cool :-)

This was recently featured in our Community News:

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