[H] Serious Business (6/7 HC) recruiting for 25m

Serious Business is a 10man guild looking to expand its current roster and start tackling 25 man content. Created back in Wrath, we pride ourselves in steadily clearing content while maintaining a relatively casual schedule. Although we have always been a 10man guild, due to a recent merge we have decided to branch out into 25 man, and for that we need you!

What we require from you:

Knowledge of your class - we want you to know your class and spec inside out.
Decent raiding experience - both in this tier and previous tiers.
A positive and serious attitude towards raiding
Decent gear - we need your character to be ready to raid from day one.

What you'll get from us:

Casual but serious raiding. We do not raid often, but when we do we work hard.
A friendly guild with extremely active players.

Our raiding schedule:

Wednesday - 20:00 - 23:00 CET
Sunday - 20:00 - 23:00 CET

Currently need:
Holy Paladin
Fury Warrior

If you think Serious is the guild for you, feel free to make and application at our website - www.superserious.biz or contact either Zecht, Xunflau or Nanaki in game.
updated recruitment
Gief Feathers
bump :3 Keep those apps coming!
bump, could still do with boomkins and a resto druid!
recruitment updated, only have a few spots to fill now :3
moar apps plx!
Rhyolith HC down, still need some dps and a healer.
HC Baleroc down.
Make that 4/7. Domo Hc one shot :s
Bumper sticker.
bump, alysrazor down, now on 5/7 hc
annnd beth down. 6/7hc w00p
bump :3
Bumpie Bumpie!
Bump for Dragon Soul recruits ! :)

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