Cat Carrier (Black Tabby)

I got the Cat Carrier (Black Tabby) I remember it been a very rare cat that only dropped from a rare spawn, however I already have it and when I try sell no one seems interested, there are on AH from 5000g - 7000g and I'm asking no were near that...

As I seem to get flamed in trade every time I ask for anything near 1000g xD.

So, am I missing something, is it avaliable from a vendor or something?
You'll probably get better luck selling it on the Neutral Auction house for Alliance to buy it
Same as the epic parrot. It's worth thousands, but no-one besides dedicated collectors buy it. You're selling it to a very exclusive market, and that's the issue.

The pricing is fine, it's just your target consumer.
Since Cataclysm it is a zone drop in Hillsbrad Foothills, as the rare mob that used to drop it doesn't exist anymore. So it is no longer Horde-only although Hillsbrad is Horde leveling zone so obviously they will have obtained more of them randomly.

Not sure how this change affects the pricing though.
Fine, that's what I had through / hoped...

Just clueless people then in /2 thinking it was a vendor cat!

i made so much money selling these in wotlk it was unreal

i rerolled for a short time, while leveling id go back to find the npc every few hours

by 70 id made my epic flying mount money and much more.
Hehe i just got 4000gold for it: > I trought it was just a cheap pet you get like 100g for. And that kid gave me 4k;o Always write offer when u are going to sell something!
So far a pain for me to farm. After this pet has been a zone drop, rater then a specifick mob drop the cat has been harder to get or i am just darn unlucky. Have killed all kind of mob. I'm at 12 469 kill and counting. Rarity say the likelihood are now at 91.74% :(

Well, AH? Nope, more fun to get i by my self ;)

1 thing i know for sure, never to give up, next kill i am sure i get it ;)
Even when the spellweaver dropped it was it hard to get, I think I might have seen it only once or twice, one of which I gave to my WOW friend.*
After Cata I never saw it drop, and I've been leveling my share of alts there.

* - From horde to ally via neutral, ofcourse.
wow wiki says: "With the release of Cataclysm, the black tabby was moved to be a zone drop in Hillsbrad Foothills, as the mobs it dropped from originally have been removed. Thus it is now farmable by Alliance players"
2011... Did you sell it yet?
Just had a huge argument in trade over whether it were purchased from a Vendor, or came from drop rate, I eventually got through to people, who looked it up and realized I was correct on the drop rate. I got mine from a Bag Drop, and I went on to sell it for a tidy amount of 3k, cheap and quick sale.
bit of a necro. :P
However, cats and where you can get them will be slightly more important again next patch with the upcoming cat pet achievement and title, so you may find a slight increase in people wanting a black tabby. :)
Think I have one I got from a Nalak failbag
I bought one of those from black market for 2k i tried to sell it but didn't work, learned it since i didn't have it anyway

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