Patch 4.3 Previews & PTR Patch Notes: 31/10

Any news on when the EU Can transfer characters?
Any ideas when we can copy our characters / premades to the PTR...still got my bot/bwd equipped hunter on there instead of FL one with all the transmoggin gear :(
That's pretty much what everyone wants to know :p
28/09/2011 15:21Posted by Zyalo
That's pretty much what everyone wants to know :p

I posted these details this morning - your 9 hours later Mr Blue :@)

Other than that can't wait! All looks good
c'mon let us copy characters now!
ew why resto shaman gets 25 seconds interrupt up from 6?
AND ELEMENTAL GETS 5 DOWN FROM 6?!!!!!!!! you guys said 8! 8 were damn enough and more than that! i couldnt comprehend the 2 digit number (more than 10) and now i saw 25...thats it, i quit healing. ;p
You need to update to include the priest t13 link
28/09/2011 14:45Posted by Zoleri
Any news on when the EU Can transfer characters?

Wondering the same.

Surely there can't be a 15 day queue.
Hi i have never played on PTR but this time i would like to get a glance on be filled with knowledge before its released, can any one help me out to get on PTR ?
Death Knight: Coming soon.

Give me my tier 13 already!
It worries me that the Ptr character copy que is 9 days for your own character, and then 15 days for the premades?
Anybody have any news about if the time limit will be reduced? If so, does anyone have a time or day ?

Priest: Coming soon.

need fix it ...
Well I started the copying process before the PTRs came up in the hope it would copy over when they did almost straight away.....and my character is still pending :/

Really wanted to get a good look at PTR in reasonable time but apparently that's not going to happen if I have to wait another 9-15 days :(

EDIT: A GM told me to post here and as of yet still no info at all about why nothing is happening..........
There's not really a point to test locks atm, since no changes other then animation have been made yet.
When will the copying process for the EU PTR have a non-full queue?
Anny one know when patch 4.3 is comming?
when the public test realms will be available?
do anyone know when we can get intro the ptr on Wow eu ?
What i know atm.. we can get into it on the US mode :)

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