Judge others Transmogrification gear.

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Like title says. Mine will load in 15 minutes, post here to be judged by everyone how creative you are, and ask for advice and what other peices you need to look fabulous.

I'm looking for another Melee weapon (60 pvp is unoriginal), chest (just for something different if i get tired of that), cloak (black, or nice pattern pref), helm(the chain mail looks amazing to me, but something different would be welcome too), shoulders (i'm getting the Epoch Hunter Heroic shoulders, but more than 2 would be nice!).

I'm also looking for a more natural ranger-y set. If anyone has any ideas how to go about that.
i Used around 1k gold for trying to match the perfect set to a female nightelf ... sadly all of `em are boring.
Using Sonic Spear (http://www.wowhead.com/item=27903) for my polearm, and Wrathfire Hand-Cannon (http://www.wowhead.com/item=27898) for my gun.

Gone with Nalorakk's shoulders, since they look rather neat, but can't decide on some good armor. Seem to be unable to find anything mail that looks good on a tauren hunter, though I'm starting to lean towards a purple Shaman theme just to mess with people's heads.
I went for a *!#@ty princess theme. Being guild leader I tend to be a diva sometimes, so it fits :P
I went for T11 with the bow from zul'gurub, after collecting around 5 different sets i decided it was the best hunter set in the game.
01/12/2011 11:29Posted by Nikjaw
i Used around 1k gold for trying to match the perfect set to a female nightelf ... sadly all of `em are boring.

Heard its possible to ctrl click items to view on u since tbc or something..
Using mah old T3. Just need to get my hands on a polearm for The Eye of Nerub
Made something around the Felscale set
Using Shadowstrike as spear, Ashjre'thul as crossbow, dragonstalker hands, legs, bracers, belt, shoulders, Crown of destruction as head, Cape of shrouded mists as back and giant stalker as feet. Looks pretty neat :) Using my bronze dragon as mount for extra effect.
Went for something easily obtained. Turned out decent, also matches my staff.

Edit: Don't mind the tabard, it's just temporarily.
Full Beaststalker Tier 0 [excluding some new pieces that got replaced in EndWellHour of TimeEternityTwilight and have yet to be transmogrified], accompanied by Lok'delar and Rhok'delar.

Tempted to play around with Ahn'kahar T11. Also make something out of Helm of Narv, Spaulders of Lightning Reflexes.
black ice sunfury bow and eyepatch all I need to look badass
I went for the gear my Avatar has been wearing for months minus the helm.
I am so jelly, some only got the bracers :/
I went for a combination of two tiers.

I use the t5 Riftstalker Shoulder and Chestpeice, with the t10 Ahn'kahar style gear & Platinum Mesh Cloak.

As for weapons... Ranseur of Hatred & the classic... Rhok'delar.
I've got tons of rubbish in my bank which I could potentially use. Got 6/8 Tier 6, full Tier 4, 3/5 Tier 5, the Naxx 25 hunter shoulders, bits and bobs from MC/AQ/BWL/TBC Heroics, some weapons from various raids such as Legionkiller

In the end though, I've decided to stick with my Tier 10 ICC set (only one item is a set item, the rest were 10/25 man craftables or drops from ICC which I got during Wrath so I feel kinda speshul). My bow is Deathwhisper 25's Zod's Repeating Longbow and I would use Hersir's Greatspear but alas I never got hold of Ranseur of Hatred, so I turned my staff into Journey's End from KT in Naxx 25.
S1 for epic justice
I am going for a nature looking set with normal weapons and bow, just looks more realistic. My shoulders do stand out a bit but as my rp set is mostly leather I am stuck for transmog :(

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