Fury or Arms 4.3?

22/11/2011 13:23Posted by Roc
Arms,if it's too far behind i might swap my main to my shaman or rogue,or go prot

Doesn't sound like the Roc I know. Whatever happened to playing what you like?

As for me, I'm staying Arms. Might swap out for SMF if I'm able to get hands on the Lifedraining weapons. Gonna be hard with 3 Frost DKs though.
i think you got it wrong,i mean if i'm 3k+ below the guild's best same geared melee

or if we hit enrage timers

i still think playing what you like is better than killing stuff 5 seconds faster
I might change my OS to Arms, especially if I run more Heroics. Although, I might just say "f that" and make it PvP, from the looks of it I might not be using my OS much.
I am 3k+ below the guild's best same geared melee. Actually more sometimes. But I still manage to come in the top 5 on fights where melee shine, ex. Baleroc, Domo. So it's really not a matter of relative performance to the best, it's a matter of relative performance to all the DPS in your group.

Tbh, my GL feels I do good enough DPS as Arms, so I'm staying Arms. But that's not to say I won't go SMF or TG in the next tier. But it definitely won't be for a reason like "TO DO MORE DPS".
you're 6/7 heroic,i'm not even 1/7,the scaling difference isnt noticed yet,and i'm still using a 359 weapon
well, i saw a arms warrior do way better DPS than 4 fury warrios today... and fury warrios were better specced....
most of the time i do more dps than fury wars...
like some others i have been fury since i started playing. not gonna change for anyone. my gear is nothing to shout about but i can out dps most peeps in my raid and i'm a;most always in the top 2. But, as others have said. be what u want to be. if ur playstyle sez fury, "be fury". if my GL said go arms we need more dps i would draw his gaze to the slackers who cant keep up. easier and get to play ur own way. wars are gonna own in 4.3 and i hope you all try ur best to make this happen. i know i am. good luck to us all with the nerfs we need it but tbh it aint hurt fury as much as i thought it would.
Arms is doing just fine for me in DS, not even using stance dance and topping all meters by about 3k DPS (43k dps on patchwerk style fights).. in Raid Finder I do about 4k more DPS then equally well geared Fury warriors..
Well, With enough Skill and gear Fury warriors will be in the top. Fury warrs is kinda gear independant and well !@#$ the nerfs and "no rage" emote. I will still play fury TG,

07/12/2011 23:10Posted by Azzick
most of the time i do more dps than fury wars...

Better start enchanting your new pieces then. :P

5 unenchanted items
Missing Ebonsteel Belt Buckle
So Fury any good in PvP as of 4.3 patch ? =) I kinda hate arms, after losing for a PvE specced paladin who was fully PvE geared, I've got 4.3k resi and 42% damage reduction and he had 0 resi.. only end game gear... shouldn't resilience count for something or just spec fury and gem up with STR gems on PvP gear and try out damage the lack of resilience ??? Any hints and tips ?
After the ~13% nerf of fury, I'd be bold enough to say arms is ahead - at least in the start of this tier. Currently testing it now, and doing 31k sustained dps over 10 million damage on the boss dummy agrees with me.
Did Deathwing in the RF the other day since i've been ignoring the needs of my DPSAlts for most of this expansion, anyway, 6 warriors in the raid group (didn't win any rolls thanks to stiff competition) all of them fury minus me.

My tactic basically consisted of stack mastery to oblivion, use deadly calm with sweeping strikes and spam Cleave everytimes it comes off CD, save reck for 3/3 Slaughter and CS off CD.

Came top with 49k DPS at the end, did the entire raid with recount /hide and only /recount show'd when we downed deathwing and someone asked for the healing done.

Since then though i've been again and been slammed by various frost DKs with Deathwings sword that did 13kDPS on it own.
After having done a main-raid in DS I can with certainty say that arms heavily outperforms fury right now. On the Warlord HC kill I did 59k dps, in comparison to the ~52k dps I did as fury on our other sub-10% attempts.
DPS on Yor'sahj was significantly higher than as fury (hello bladestorm) - and even on Ultraxion, which is totally singletarget.
Because of sweeping strikes, damage on both gunship & spine of deathwing was through the roof, and the same goes for madness, where bladestorm seriously raped the adds.

Thanks blizzard, for yet again doing exactly the opposite of what you say is intended.
@Loraine, just curious but what is your rotation for arms, when do you blow cooldowns and which, and do you stancedance atall now? ive not played arms in pve for a while only for pvp but im getting kinda tired of fury.

Also this makes me cry http://simulationcraft.org/430/Raid_T13H.html so much for "bringing fury back in line with other mele" ....
i switched to arms yesterday and could see a huge increase in my dps. mainly due to a higher uptime on the tentacle proc from the raidfinder dw sword. when i was testing it out on a dummy as fury i had like 6-9% of my damage from the proc and as arms it was almost a whooping 15% all the time. It could be because of rend ticks, SoO whatever but as long as the proc is gonna be a sizable contribution to our dps (read till we gear up in all 397+ and dualwield the dw 403 swords) i believe arms is gonna be better than fury. even at higher gear level i feel like t13 4pc bonus is gonna benefit arms more with higer uptime on CS debuff.
I spent 99.5% of the entire game as Arms and I was always the whipping boy, I just couldn't make it work for me like it was working for others. I tried Fury three weeks ago and I can now solo dungeons that before I was failing on. Whilst I liked the relative 'complexity' of Arms rotation wise I'm finding that fewer buttons and one sword more is a lot more fun even if my rage sometimes goes missing right when I want some more. Think I'm staying Fury :)
I'm staying Fury. Always have been, always will be. Just because I like playing this a lot more then Arms.

To be honest, I'm not really going to panic about possible Fury Nerfs. Fury Warriors always scale tremendously with gear. In BiS 4.3 gear with our class mechanics we probably will do too much damage, therefore the nerf.

Like in almost every patch, this means Fury will 'feel' a bit weak in the beginning of 4.3 untill you've acquired some decent gear. In the end of the patch other classes will probably start crying that we're OP again.

How much dps u pull on Ultaxion normal?

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