Blizz Raid Frames smaller Width commands?

Interface and Macros

I used to use commands like either of these (googled them)

/script InterfaceOptionsRaidFramePanelRaidFrameWidthSlider:SetValue(50)
/script InterfaceOptionsRaidFramePanelRaidFrameWidthSlider:SetValue(60);

so with or without ;

but they no longer work, can anyone help me out with the new ones?
bump I'd like to know as well. Want smaller raid frames pls.
Take a look at this perhaps.
I have already, you can't edit the text which is too small and the debuff icons size is huge, do not want :(
Oops used wrong char to reply, yeah so, the addon SmallerBlizzardRaidFrames is unsatisfactory, anyone know the new commands if they work?

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