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First of all, this is the second topic I create about this, the first one was moved to general, where it does not belong.
I talked to a GM ingame and they told me my best bet would be to make my post here. This is something that they can't answer, and only a person with a direct line to the developers can get answers about this question.

Original post :

So, to simplify the problem : We were promised alternate skins on the advertising website, yet all the skins made for the pets are 100% knockoff's from the original store pets.

In my original post, I link to the advertising website, a post created months ago, that was left completely unanswerd with the same intention as mine, and a post indicating GM's we're getting answers that never arrived.

I realise there probably aren't alot of people that care about this problem, because they never recieved an answer, or simply forgot about it, but I would like to see this problem finally dealt with, because months have passed and it seems to have been overlooked, forgotten or just plain ignored.
Hi there, Jî.

I understand that the description promised a recoloured version and, for what it's worth, I' sorry that you've not been given that. Unfortunately we haven't heard anything back about this since it was originally reported. It's still on our developer's list of issues to look at so it hasn't been forgotten, but that's really all the information we have.

The best I can offer is my apologies once again, and my thanks for your patience.

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