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High Infidelity, or HI, is one of the oldest guilds on Outland. Whilst we have always been serious about raiding without being too serious about raiding, we have maintained a strong social core combining *some* raiding prowess with a good sense of humour and plenty of banter.

Going forward we are recruiting both social, casual and raiding players.

Social players should whisper Alierya or Toko in game - no need to apply formally.

Raiders - we are looking for Healers and DPS. Currently we are not looking at applications from rogues, hunters or ele shamans.

We offer raiders a fun and supportive environment, BOEs at half current AH price and we will also supply half of the funds needed to buy a BOE within the latest tier. Loot is divided fairly and we do not use DKP.

Please go to www.high-infidelity.co.uk/recruitment to apply. The more time you put into your application the more serious we will see you as an applicant.
when did the guild start then?
Over 5 years ago and we still have a few members from back then :)
Do you guys have raids over weekends for alts and such?

I find time is a big problem for me and I miss raiding a lot :p

ps. my Armory hasn't updated for weeks...not sure why.
In the past, we have had raids during the weekends, but currently we lack a few members to be able to do so. We have a Friday's Death Run for all members that have decent gear, where we go to BoT and BWD. Lately we tried to get FL runs going on Fridays, but due to the lack of members it has not been possible. One of the reasons for recruiting is to get this up and running again.

I hope to see an application from you :)
Recruitment page is broken.
Thanks, I'll apply tonight :)
06/10/2011 15:15Posted by Sinzu
Recruitment page is broken.

How? What error do you get? I have just tried to write a test application and it seemed to work fine. When you have created a wowstead login and added you charater, you get a 'apply' button just below the character at the top. Then you should go to another page, where you can answer the questions and then submit the application.

If you cant get it to work, I suggest that you create a post at our public forum.
Bump for ranged DPS :)
Please inspect my armory and tell me if im geared enough for a spot, if so I will apply :)
I'm guessing as tank spec/gear

Your enchants are a bit funny and you gem mostly into Stamina which isn't correct.

You would have to fix your gems and some enchants first to be viable as a tank.

Check elitistjerks for some info on Feral gemming/gearing and enchanting.
I did check this and only some enchants (1 which I need more rep for and my feet/wrist) and maybe 2 gems could change (40 agil instead of stamina). Gemming to stamina is good for a druid with alot of things. Considering Vengeance and Savage Defense stamina is actually better then agility. So its 60 stam vs 50 agil. Since I reforged into dodge I think the stamina helps me more then the agility.

Open for more things I need to change though. Currently getting Earthen ring rep to exalted and then I will go for Therazane for the shoulder enchants.
By the way I just figured I got my expertise wrong and will change that after work, I will apply to your guild when im fully done reforging/gemming/enchanting ;)
Cool beans :)

Open for ranged DPS still as well
19/10/2011 13:27Posted by Dunnestront
By the way I just figured I got my expertise wrong and will change that after work, I will apply to your guild when im fully done reforging/gemming/enchanting ;)

You are more than welcome to apply now, if you want. Our application does give you an opportunity to explain your gear, so if there are things you would like to change, just write it in the application and we will take it into consideration. It is also possible for you to join as a social (upcoming raid member) for now and then we can help you gear up if needed by doing trolls etc. We also try to do alt raids on fridays where you could maybe join, if you wanted.
Bump for range DPS still.
Stilll looking for a few members.

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