Free Character Migration (FCM)

The below FCM is available until October 25 2011. The migrations are open to both factions:

From: Outland
To: Agamaggan
To: Burning Steppes
To: Vashj
Certainly more lucrative than Spinebreaker!
vashj alliance got 9 people that got 2.2k in S10
4 of them quitted, 1 team is still together and rest is in desperate need of new players
pls come pvp'rs >:(

L2merge low populations realms together btw
Come to Burning Steppes...we have cookies :)
Indeed what Hjulpje said merge some low population servers couse there is still some very low population server even with FCM's. I know its against blizzards rules but they should rethink this rule couse more ppl will quit wow couse blizzard aint doing anything to fix some low population servers which is problem.
Hey, dont leave Outland guys! The best EU relam!
I dont get why anyone would wanna leave a server like this
Not going to migrate, love beeing on Outland <3.
Couldn't help it, but love how i read these FCM news after starting this song:

"Im here, and about to take you higher. We're about to set this b- on fire." :p
When are they gonna open up FCM to Laughing Skull.
Our realm is pretty much dead :(
Come to vashj (Alliance) as the situation there is dire ;) Cookies for everyone!
Hordes and Allys COME to Agamaggan ! we got cake cookies and ye MORE STUFF!
why not just merge them all

you'll probably get a few alt moves to free up space from this and thats it
Vashj ally seriously needs more people, not got any guilds with hc rag yet :O
WTB 250+ Alliance for Vashj.


Lots of love

Vashj Horde.
Just make sure you really really want to move. Here is what happened to us :-

We moved from outland to Dentarg as a guild due to very very high queue times, we knew it was lower population but as it was the focus of a FCM we thought lots more would move and it would be fine.

Unfortunately on the low population servers if you lose a few people your guild will really struggle to recruit decent replacements. We ended up not being able to raid or pug and in the end the ones who were left all PAID to move back to outland.

FCM does not work in my experiences, it would be better to merge servers. Cost me a lot of money to pay to move all my chars back to outland, So make sure before you go that you really know what you are doing.

I think some people at blizzard are terrified of merging servers as they know they will receive a lot of negative publicity "declining playerbase etc etc etc", but they have a duty to look after all of those players who have stayed loyal all this time. The people who love the game deserve server merges, FCM is just applying a drip feed to prolong peoples pain on low pop realms.

Dentarg has been the subject of FCM's before and so have many others and still they are unbalanced and low population. Mergers while costing the company more would be of greater benefit to a greater number of players.
Come to Burning Steppes!! We are the Dark side and have better cookies....
Move to Vashj Alliance > Realise there are two raid guilds > Hate self for moving

Look at all the !@#$s I do not give
Why isn't Executus even mention when it comes to FCM? Both Alliance and Horde are bleeding players. Just recently one of our biggest horde guild just gave up and migrated away.

Vashj Alliance needs a serious boost, even Game Master Blizzardi thinks so...

gogo reroll
Blizz just do something about low populated servers it's like a bloody ghost town on some.... =[

-A paying customer

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