[Game Issue] All /castsequences produce a slight delay

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I tried a /castsequence Arcane Blast, Arcane Blast, Arcane Blast, Arcane Blast

and I noticed it always produces a slight delay before each AB. Using AB on its own does not have it.

I also confirmed it on another spec and another spell.

It appears to be around 200ms. Much lower than the GCD but very noticeable. The number is a guess.

PS. The example sequence has no real use but I first noticed it on a sequence that included Mirror Image. At first I suspected an issue with MI, but removing it did not alter the latency effect.

EDIT: I suspect it has a simple explanation: The cast buffer may not be taken into account at all hence, to produce latency equivalent to world latency.
Why do a castsequence with 4 times the same spell and nothing else?
Hi there, Fateswarm.

Could you post this in our bug report sticky please? This will help us keep track of it:

4.2 Known Issues & Bug Reports

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