Best rogue in whole World of Warcraft!

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So, what do you think, who is the best rogue in whole WoW?
The one still hiding in shadows
More specific please, impossible to compare PvP to PvE, since they are totally different forms of game.

But for PvE, I would say either Xerofour or Rakez, thou ofc it matters in wich guild they play, since it's progress that makes them so good (atleast IMO). Aldriana is also on top 5 atleast, cos of all the research that he does for the class and shares it with rogue community.

For PvP, with Woundman and Reckful gone (atleast for now), I would say Neilyo or Khuna.

For both, it's the Tauren Rogues, all of them. You gotta be the best to stay in shadows for so long without anyone noticing you even exist.
well thats easy.

since reckful "quit" Im da best nau! muwhaha xD
Me, i just dont overate myself.. :P
Lord Godfrey
I love the videos Neilyo makes.

27/10/2011 11:46Posted by Xiher
Havn't really seen anything of Khuna tbh.. except a few /flex shots.
I wouldn't say Aldriana. Sure, he's among the best when it comes to theorycrafting, and he knows the class perhaps better than anyone else, but that doesn't equate to being able to do things like perform under pressure, make split second decisions when things go wrong etc. Though that's not to say he's not a good player, but him having a good understanding of theory and mechanics doesn't instantly make him the best Rogue in the world.
Johnny Awesome
27/10/2011 13:19Posted by Trevo
27/10/2011 17:19Posted by Baou
Johnny Awesome

You mean Jenny?
The best rogue in the world is ofc the one you never see or hear about! :D
The top Rogues list :)

Achievement points in the world
Enfer - Eonar in US - 14,620pts

2v2 Arena
Kajn - Aegwynn EU - 2,548pts

3v3 Arena
Khùna - Archimonde EU - 3,174pts

5v5 Arena
Mirzka - Stormscale EU - 2,778pts

Rated Battleground
Sympathy - Tichondrius US - 2,899pts

Honour Kills
Fartzwrgoben - Perenolde EU - 1,451,219 hks

PvE gearscore
There are 34 Rogues all on 392.1 gearscore, so we cant pick a winner here! lol
(but its worth noting that Enfer from US is one of them)

(all taken from various sources which are usually reliable but i cant confirm this)

Obviously the question of who is the most SKILLED Rogue is a matter of opinion, so its impossible to list anyone here ;)

Imo. "Skill" can't be measured in a number.

You have to see it, feel it.
Yes all of you are the best now.
Enjoy it while it lasts.
The Korean Rogues.

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