So with 4.3 over the horizon transmogrification is almost upon us, i have not read much about it so far, is it a main profession or a secondary profession like fishing etc.

How does it work?

You start of by making low level items look like other lowe level items etc etc until you skill up enough to do higher level stuff ?

I personally will just tip big for people to do mine, i dont think im quite ready for a new profession yet :D

Cant wait to wear loads of cloth looking armor and transmog my shadowmourne :D:D.
it's done by npc's. It's not a profession.
You also can't wear cloth armor (plate wearers can only transmogrify plate), or transmogrify legendaries.
it's not a profession, it is done by a NPC, and you can trasmog only items with the same armour type, and that you can wear.
You freaking own Zolon xDDD
Huh im confused now, i was told it was the new profession, as achaeology was not as good as they planned ?

So does it work like the arcane reforger? or is it a whole new concept completely?

What do you mean about the cloth thing ??? i saved up alot of cloth for making it look like my gear? You saying i need to get metal bars and stuff instead for my gear as i wear plate ?

Is it fel iron for the TBC stuff ? Level specific metals i take it ? right ? i had alot of Embersilk to make my look like tier 11 priest :/.
It's not a new profession, it's something done by an NPC.

A plate wearer can only transmogrify plate gear. Unless you actually wear cloth, you can't make it look like cloth. If you wear plate as your normal gear, you can only make each piece look like another plate gear piece.

You don't use mats to transmogrify. You need the item you're using for stats, and an item you would want it to look like. Transmogrify the best item to look like the other item. So if you for example have full starting zone death knight gear, you can look like that while still getting all stats from your normal gear.
So my cloth is useless? I have like 10 stacks :/.

I dont think i still have the starter set, as i was not origionally an orc, so i dont have the same starter zone, i was a blood elf LOL. Do you know if anyone proffession can craft a new set i remember the gloves looked awesome :D.

Im still looking forward to wielding shadowmourne again hahah :D

You can't transmogrify Shadowmourne in any way. No profession can craft DK starter gear, but you might be able to fine lookalikes, check wowhead.
WOW haha that is a alot of reading :)).

It looks like all my dreams are been crushed very fast.... its a shame about the cloth armor, and the shadowmourne axe.

But you are right i might be able to get some fine lookalikes, il start checking on some websites and maybe see what my leatherworker can make.
naxx has alot of starter gear lookalike for DK and some wotlk 5 man heroic also
almost sure blizzard stated that the starter gear for dk's will be able to be bought from a vendor due to people who might have deleted it. Think I read it in a q & a, of course I don't have the link saved for it now..
hopefully you are not trolling us, so i'll answer again:
you can trasmog armor with other armor of the same kind
cloth armor -> cloth armor
leather armor -> leather armor
mail armor -> mail armor
plate armor -> plate armor

the same goes with weapons:
sword -> sword
axe -> axe
polearm -> polearm

this is the general rule, there are some exception, and the trasmog will probably be done by a NPC like the arcane reforger...

yes your 10 stacks of cloth are useless, you can put them on AH

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