Good looking daggers to transmog.

So with patch 4.3 coming ever closer i've started collecting gear to transmog, i've got a few nice axes, maces and swords but i can't find a good dagger, any suggestions?

It'd be awesome if they allowed us to transmog daggers to look like other 1h weapons, i'm a combat rogue and i've just started again after quitting at the end of wotlk, i was a bit sad to see they removed fast 1h weps, i can see why they did it but it just doesn't look very good.
Shard of Azzinoth, Sinister Revenge and Anarchy are my personal favorites
I like the look of the shard
there are PLENTY of daggers that are good looking =p Perditions blade, Core Hound Tooth, Dragonfang Blade, Emerald Ripper, Shard of Azzinoth, and the one from algalon25 =p
also it has a unique model which is really nice
and the most well known dagger also kinda unique since only a quest ireward shares the same model
07/11/2011 07:36Posted by Lannik


For that 'this is going where the sun don't shine' look!

Or as someone previously mentioned; shard of azzinoth.
07/11/2011 14:03Posted by Annies

I like personally.
The troll heroic daggers are the nicest things ever. Good thing I got them both:)
I might use my Fang of the faceless just cause so few people will have it!

Is the one i'm aiming for just looks so <3
My daggers, do not get covered by landslide effect.

Also the crystal jaded dagger it's pretty huge.
Any tip what i should transmog The legendary weps ? cuz its Main and offhand :( and theyre daggers
Liking the look Anandas

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