Brazilian Portuguese Language Availability

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With the release of the next World of Warcraft content update, Hour of Twilight (patch 4.3), players on European realms will be able to play World of Warcraft in Brazilian Portuguese. On December 7 a realm dedicated to the Portuguese community will open with optional time-limited free character transfers from specific European English realms with high Portuguese populations. Please stay tuned to these forums for additional information.
So patch coming Dec 7?
ive heard its late november for EU/US 23rd or 30th people say
I'd say that was a pretty damned certain confirmation of Wednesday December 7th.

I wonder if there will be a mass exodus from Grim Batol. Though I honestly have to say that I like playing with people from many different countries and english realms allow me to do that.

Either way the localization of the game to portuguese (including customer support, server, game client, etc.) will help those who struggle with english.
08/11/2011 17:27Posted by Krad
So patch coming Dec 7?

I really don't think the patch is going to be on PTR for another month.
I do not wish in any way to suggest that Portugese speaking players shouldn't have their own server....

but good job diluting a diminishing EU population across even more servers.
Is this just me or is that one year from Cata's launch?

Or was that Dec 10?
Can we read any patch info somewhere?
Blizz when polish translate? We dont need sounds, pls only text in quests, achivements, and others ...

I am sure that many Polish players will do it for you for free. Give us just a tool.
" transfers from specific European English realms with high Portuguese populations"

Does this mean only some realms will get the right to get a free transfer?

This realm will be pvp or pve?
Where will this realm be located physicaly?
The transfer should be available for free to all Portuguese players, not only the servers with a great Portuguese population. I have a lot of friends, including myself, who don't play on Grim Batol or Frostmane (?).
It's good to see that there will be an official portuguese realm, but sadly i wont leave my current realm, Burning Steppes, made a lot of friends there from several countries. But ofc ill level an alt on the new server to play every now and again with my fellow "tugas" :P
Only free transfer for limited servers???
What about all the scattered Portuguese in every single server?

Was thinking of transferring some of my alts if we would get a portuguese server but seems it will be a no go...
Hope i can tranfer from Auchindoun i just stop play WoW and want start something new in new realm.
Hope we can transfer from Xavius! Still im going to keep my wow in english.. Did try PT on the ptr, and... srsly?
08/11/2011 18:48Posted by Devasth
Where will this realm be located physicaly?

Probably where all servers are, in Paris
But idd, not able to free transfer from any server is just a bummer. They should limit it by nationality not by server. Hope they change that

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