First impressions thread.

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"Hey... can I ask you something?... Yes? okay... Where is the Hunter trainer?"
Gotta love grunts xD
An Undead who has taken a different approach. Rather stay in distance, and snipe his enemies down, or stays among the shadows for a good while before moving, due to his armour.
A rather careless shaman "wannabe" who mis-places his bow/gun.
Loyal to the dark lady his blade kills and yet his hat... Stylish
Some poor, patched up blood elf who is no doubt a highwayman - the taller races can be so violent.
a gnomish politician.
FOr me, you actually have to look at each piece of armour individually and work out what it would look like for that, what can I say? The armoury's slow to update.
One True high standing Forsaken Warlock. He teaches others the dark arts, ad stands highly among his comerads.
^ You DID look at each piece of armour individually, right? Dunno how you got that... Anyway,

A hunter who is just out for the kill, wearing the pelts of his dead animals as trophies.
^ You DID look at each piece of armour individually, right? Dunno how you got that... Anyway,

A hunter who is just out for the kill, wearing the pelts of his dead animals as trophies.

Apologies, I must have overlooked the fact that the armoury had not updated to gear. Sorry. :<

A Forsaken slave. He mines for those above him, and he gladly does so. HE mines minerals, so that armour can be made for the Forsaken.

That's yer face? Right, right. Something ta hide, I think I do, yes, good, best ta keep it away.
Hunched over, can't quite tell if it's the massive pauldrons, the resulting hernia or yer typical orcish trait, there. Not too familiar with that side of it, no. Such and such reminds me of a walking pipe organ, it does, yes and a living one at that. Step on its toes and it makes noise!
An insane forsaken rogue, likes longs walks in the sun set and nice human flesh for dinner.
Also likes to torture people.
A rather disturbingly elven looking human, one with all the cruelty that the armor implies and with a few things to hide.
A corrupt blood knight, still trying to leech from the light instead of serve it honourably, or maybe even serve demons instead now.
A damned shady fella, looking quite undead and quite covered up. Ever since the Putress incident, I immediately think "Evil, plotting Warlock" whenever I see a robed and hooded Forsaken.

You sir, are no exception.
A powerful Death Knight, possible an ex commander of the Lick Kings armies. Defiantly Looks powerful

Note: For mine i don't think armoury has updated yet, please go through each piece individually, and he has a short temper and is a warring Gobo:P
A goblin who has gone through battlegrounds between Good and Evil, and gotten some of the pieces of armour.

Once again, the armoury STILL hasn't updated, so you'll need to go through each thing individually.
Since Gnivils armory seems borked I'll do Zoji:

Heavy armored Bruiser who beats people up for cash. Like all Goblins he loves his gold, but prefers to let his fist...or...hammer do the talking.

The intimidating bodyguard of an important official. Not subtle, just there to establish that you are NOT allowed to get too close.
There's something fundamentally maternal about your character. I can't quite pin it down, but she strikes me as the sort of person who, if she doesn't have children of her own, would spend a lot of time caring for others. Someone who has talent, probably both Arcane and Elemental, but chooses to put it on the back burner for the sake of a different life.

I'm probably terribly wrong with this, but it -was- my first impression.
First thing that comes to mind is an entertainer.. Someone who uses small weapons and is sneaky.. Not the Warrior type at all.. More Rogueish I have to say.. But on the other hand sneaky is good and keeps you alive :P

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