Low populated/ unbalanced servers

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This is no way intended to be a flame thread. So please refrain from trolling and what not!

Everyone knows of the concept, the rich become richer. This seems to be going for the populated realms as well. The populated become more populated (and often unbalanced), while the small realms grow more and more empty.

Over the past few months we all have seen the amount of threads "help my realm is dying", "where is everyone?!", "please fcm to our realm, we need Alliance/ Horde!". This due to the realms growing empty or the balance becoming worse and worse.

In some cases Blizzard/ Dev's listened to us. They were kind enough to open up FCM to those realms that struggle. This mostly from overpopulated realms that are in a position that they are actually having queues to get in to the game. This is all well meant and probably a better solution in the eyes of blizzard, but what does it actually do? People often don't want to transfer from a high populated realm to a low population realm with a horrible AH and most of the time a lack of player pool to recruit from.

Ofcourse the only numbers we, the community have, are the numbers we see on WoWprogress and various other sites. The raiding/ PvP guilds are the ones suffering the most, or the guilds trying to set up raiding or PvPing. There's hardly anyone that wants to transfer voluntarily to an empty realm, no matter how good the guild is. I bet Method might be one of the few exceptions that might get members in, but I think even they might struggle a bit. Simply because, if they fail their trial, there is no option to go to, because there's no other raiding/ pvp guild (a bit of dramatization, but it's the case on a lot of realms with having 1 or 2 good raiding/ pvp guilds).

Sure from a company's point of view it's best to let it plod along, because hey, people will pay if the situation gets too unbearable right. Imagine a guild transferring, all that money. From the communities point of view. Alot of people don't have the money to transfer their toon. Or they transferred in the past and spend a bucket load of money before and they simply just want to go to a realm that doesn't die out. I'm one of those people myself and I know plenty of others who have spend alot of money to transfer, only to see the realm going from active to pretty much a ghostrealm.

Sure FCM can solve the problem, but most of the time those people will transfer back or stop playing altogether.

These are the realms taken from WoWprogress, the English realms. The balance is made up from level 85's who at least killed Magmaw on normal or their guild has. The reason I'm focusing on these numbers is that, just because a server might have a lot of low level alts, it doesn't do anything for the realm. Those people often don't want to raid or PvP or don't get past level 40. See the unbalance on several realms with high and low population. See that if you were to actually put realms together or let realms with a high alliance/ horde population transfer to a realm where there is alot of unbalance going on might actually be a much better way to have people to keep on playing. Give the low populated realms a chance to actually go somewhere that isn't on the edge of dying out. Instead of the high populated realms a transfer to some place that's growing more empty by the day, cause they will not take it.

(Go to Wowprogress -> Realms (drop down EU) -> Click on EN to see the list. I can't link it for whatever reason.)

Like I said from a company's point of view this is no way an interesting something. Sure people can yell "just do a paid character transfer - big deal". In my opinion, if you go to an active realm, that seems to be dying slowly, I think the company should say and step up "now it's time to fix this, because this is unfair to the ones involved".

With the drop in subscription and the people around me quitting, I don't even think it would be that much of a bad idea to open up new realms - don't get me wrong there. Have people from unbalanced realms get a free FCM there from one of the sides. Or however you could actually solve it, realms put together with H 1: 0.2 A with realms who are H 0,4: 1 A stuff like that. Anything to keep things balanced, but yet not too crowded on the realm. I'm sure something like that would be possible. It might look like a bad thing at first from a company's point of view, but I'm positively sure the community might be grateful and that you will see this in the numbers of the people who keep playing. As I know alot on our realm are just quitting and I know from other people their realms are suffering the same.

Just think about it. A small sacrifice might look bad, but could be a flourishing future.

Don't hesitate to drop your opinion about the subject or any ideas, or how your realm is suffering from any of the above problems.

Thanks for reading.
There used to be an Alliance faction, but it's no more.
While the "big" names of pvp players have left the server.
Haven't been playing there myself for atleast 1 month, something might have changed, but I most likely doubt it.


lightning's Blade EU english speaking realm, alliance is pretty dead. ( between 4 - 7k auctions up at most ) below 300 alliance characters logged in at peak times. Horde side is flourishing auctionhouse size is 4 - 5 times ours. They've got around 2k players logged in at peak times. Its lovely seeing the constant spam in capital cities of being under attack. And the poor 2 or 3 guys trying to get ppl to defend the king. Most of us don't even bother anymore. Its pointless facting 3 25 man raidgroups with just 8 players.


Im playing at Outland atm.. and for crying out loud Blizz.. make more FCM's..
I really dont wanna sit in a que trying to play a game im paying for to play,
i wanna have the ability to play it when i want, not when the server allows me to, due to overpopulation.

and another thing.. even tho outland is Full ... i still again and again see ppl in trade "newly migrated.. bla bla " WHY?
why do ppl have the option to migrate to outland, when its full?
we are enough as it is.. to many as it is...

MORE FCM >> Guild FCM now !


1 day to move off cramped, q ridden server!

Executus is crying out for you peeps!!


We need help at Talnivarr!!! Too few here (especially alliance!!!)


So is horde side Aerie Peak.


Sweet! Maybe some guilds wanna come over to Alliance side Executus! :) We need more guilds and players in all. :)

ps. This will save some money aswell as the guids on Executus don't have to move in that case. ds.


This is good news! Executus has been dripping dry for quite some time now.


Finally some more ppl on Executus. The more raiders, the better!


Burning Steppes is also in a rather bad position, I still don't understand why Blizzard can't merge low populated servers with each other? Better with fewer but more populated serves than many "dead" ones.


Blizz you seriously need to open up some free migration to TALNIVARR ALLIANCE, we are a low populated realm and horde out number alliance by an insane amount. stop ignoring your players.


Some more extrapolation:
Outland-A to Dragonmaw-A: For roughly every 7 players on the former realm there is only 1 on the latter.
Outland-H to Executus-H: For roughly every 3 players on the former realm there is only 1 on the latter.

I think the Horde got a better FCM this time around.


Executus would welcome anyone from either realm.

I won't lie, the server is pretty quiet and is in need of alot of players to move there but we do offer up some very good guilds whom would of done alot better on progress if the player base was there.


So true so true! Some low realms need to be either merged or find a better solution than Free transfers. They are like dying and some people cant either move elsewhere or just live their realm dying so they are usually cancel their subscription. I dont want to see my realm or any other realms die, please do something more.

Best regards
Need more people in a similar situation for this to hopefully getting noticed and something to be done about it.

This is our last stand... We can't go further.

Nearly each 2nd of remaining players on Sporeggar already opened a ticket or mailed to Blizzard support, but there is still nothing going on.

NOTHING IS GOING ON. No one cares. We eat promise after promise for a long, long time.


Just several days a full PvE guild, "Afela", transferred to more crowded realm. Another full guild, "Player vs. Pillar", transferred a few weeks ago. More guilds are planning to do the same. Each day, our very low population becomes even lower.

I measured total Sporeggar population (by /who mage, /who warrior, etc. commands) of BOTH factions yesterday, in 8.30 PM (peak hour!). We had only 102 Horde and 197 Alliance players online! It's less than 300!! in PEAK HOUR.

WHY? Blizzard allows this to continue? Our realm is almost fully dead, everyone is leaving it. It's impossible to sell stuff on AH cause no one is buying anything.. It's impossible to gather a raid, and hardly possible to gather a Rated Battleground. There are only 2-3 Horde guilds that are still active on realm, my own being one of those.. but more people are about to leave, and even the small fraction of Spore patriots also started to think about transferring...

HELP our realm. HELP NOW.
Merge, open free transfers, or just save us from Sporeggar!!
RP-PVP is a joke, there is ZERO roleplay going on our realm! I haven't seen even ONE roleplayer for years on Horde side.

We cannot wait any longer.
It's IMPOSSIBLE to continue playing LIKE THAT.
We are DYING.

<a href="http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/2624785515" class="bml-link-public">http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/2624785515</a>

Just to point out the irony:

People are leaving Dragonmaw for Outlands because Dragonmaw is dead realm.
Why would people move to a dead realm? To avoid queue's? I would rather spent 10 minutes in queue than log on and be alone!

Don't go to Dragonmaw, you'll just end up paying to go back to Outlands!



"FCM is opened based on realm population tracking and analysis"

Really? Looks to me like you guys at blizz aren't very good at your job.


Agree with Mahogany, Dragonmaw is dead and it wont help with FCM since people are rather moving AWAY (To mostly Outland or Stormscale)than to stay. A good way to fix this would be to merge low populated realms or remove them and make free migrate for the people in that server.


Lightning´s blade is well a truely dead on the Alliance side, Alas blizzard have done nothing its becoming a joke now.


Tbh We really need some Alliance on TH.
I do think this is an issue that needs to be looked at closer.
TH alliance side is dying a slow slow death.

I trust in Blizzard to open FCMs again for servers which become underpopulated. I mean they have the actual numbers. Its possible that people in your guild or on your server are doing something else at the moment

- playing an alt on a different server
- playing the other faction on a different server
- playing another game heavily at the moment without dropping their subscription

Which would result in a temporary player drop on that server. My guild for example became kind of a ghost guild recently. I was starting to get worried but it was all due to DUNGEON DEFENDERS coming out and everybody hopped in to join the carnage ^^ So its all good.
@Waldfee. I used to trust in FCM's as well, but why is that all those realms are still complaining about the realm numbers dropping. I transferred from TH to Xavius, only to find the guild disbanding after a month, because all the people who took the FCM transferred away again. It's not a one time thing with people dropping out, it's happening all the time sadly.

I'm wondering if others experience a lose of population in their realm?
My realm is getting emptier by time, not only because people quit, but also because whole guilds are leaving for a more populated realm.

If people keep canceling their subscription, wouldn't it, perhaps, be time to think about those problems for the future?

I understand that maybe even more people will quit because of the lack of players in realms and thus making the gaming experience less fun.

What are your thoughts?

Me and my guild tranfered away from Burning Steppes during Ulduar times, we were the only decent raiding guild left there at that time. Now (more then 2 years later) still nothing has been done about the situation on Burning Steppes. We have had posts up with many people responding about our horrible situation more then 2 years ago, and more then 2 years later still nothing has been done at all.

Blizzard stopped caring about realm population and balance long ago. Facts prove so.

Some numbers about Burning Steppes:

There is 1 25man guild left that has killed any bosses in firelands (on horde side)

Alliance only has 4(!!!) 10 man guilds that killed any boss in firelands, not a single of them came past 2 heroic bosses. They dont have a single 25 man guild.

You can easily figure out the number of players yourself when you only see 4 10 man guilds on a realm faction. Its just rediculous.
That's why I hope this post gets noticed, with more people stating their realm detoriationg or getting more and more empty. Hoping Blizzard will consider the merger or transfer from low pop realms to other low pop realms/ medium ones. Or low to medium, just to get rid of the lower realms. Sure people would have to change name in some occasions, but meh, that's the only drawback,
Recently a 25man guild transferred from Sporeggar to Outland and today I see Blizz trying to sell an FCM away from Outland. This week another 10man guild, one of the best raiding guilds Alliance side also moves to a high population realm.

To me this makes no sense, it is like they try to do the easiest thing possible to address the issue. The problem is that easiest thing (FCM) also seems to be the thing that works the worst.

I bet more players have moved to Outland in the past month than have migrated away from Outland in the past 6 months.

Blizz you need to come at this from a different direction. You need to start thinking about closing some of the low population realms and FCMing those players all to 1 low population realm so that it becomes at least Medium. Yes this will be a lot more work for your Transfer team or whoever does it but trying to get players to move from a busy, well populated realm to somewhere that might be dead or dying is a total waste of time.

Also you are not really doing the people who do transfer a favour. What if they move and the realm dies? Will you give them a FCM back to Outland? No, you will want them to pay for it.

Start merging realms using FCM as the tool to do it, this dribble of FCM from high to low is not working.

I don't want to wait 2 years for 20 people to migrate to Sporeggar from Outland or wherever, the remaining 200 people on this realm will all be gone by then. Mostly likely gone to another game rather than start over with nothing or just one paid character somewhere else.
I am on Jaedenar-EU and it's dead Ally side and rife horde side.

As i did'nt want to pay to move my char i started a new one on the OUTLAND server and wow it's busy, so much so i have to wait on average of 10 mins to login.

It's abvious that most people are cramming themself onto a high populated server away from the low ones.

However i wish i had not joined Outland is it has way too many people on it.
I think


That splitting paragraphs


With three hyphens


Is just as retarded


As Blizzard allowing


People to transfer onto


Full realms


Ayarea was quoting various people from other threads, not just randomly splitting paragraphs with ---, I thought that was obvious.

The general idea is that there are a lot of realms suffering and a lot of complaints about it.
Ayarea was quoting various people from other threads, not just randomly splitting paragraphs with ---, I thought that was obvious.

The general idea is that there are a lot of realms suffering and a lot of complaints about it.

Exactly this. I was indeed quoting people and doing it with the --- so they wouldn't get mixed up, rather then using quote blocks. So next time read before you post, thanks :).

Cer: What you said are my thoughts exactly. Why not just have low realms FCM to another low realm or medium realm with unbalanceness or whatever. Would work better then FCM from a high populated realm where people end up on a dead realm or a realm that dies out.

(BTW "Like" the thread as well, maybe it actually gives some notice!)
This thread goes about The Venture Co, but ALOT of people from various other realms have been posting in it as well:


Another possible idea could be. They are in the process of making Portugese realms. To convert the few lowest realms to Portugese ones, and have the people that aren't transfer to medium/ low populated realms. This way they don't give up realms and it's not exactly bad publicity either!
Thank you Ayarea, was about to post the same link.!

I hope (well more demand) that this issue is being looked at and will be solved anytime soon!

I only looked at the RP-Pvp situation and that was already bad looking at the numbers that i posted from just 85 players, not even checking wich have cleared some instances bosses. (cause i honestly don't dare cause it's already too harsh)

FCM from one or 2 lower realms to 1 higly or medium realm is the best solution that i can think of.

I'm about to create a ticket in game to support this cause and i hope more will follow.

Cause this mess has to end now and not months later!

Really wish I could speak directly to those who are involved about the realms by phone or whatever :<.
Why would blizz do anything when they are making a fortune from character transfers and guild transfers!

If they sorted it the income would stop....

Balnazzar is dying also slowly, the alliance side is a joke and after 11pm you cant do anything cos theres 10 people online and thats horde the better side!

Players would still use Paid Transfer to join guilds or friends on other realms.

If Paid Transfer is a cashcow I'm sure in the months to come the income will be more than balanced out by lost income from players quitting low population realms and cancelling subs rather than pay to transfer.
i've just created a ticket,


Since we don't get an reaction here , i'm gonna try my luck in game. I hope more will do the same. And post our findings here.

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