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Strange but original.

I like the red and blue, suits a draenei. Nice panties :P

All in all a strong 7/10

7/10 not my taste but you are being unique.
Not really a transmog, but I am a fan of the head :) 5/10
looks great but not weap 9/10..armory doesnt shows my claws:S i ve molten but every1 have them too so i changed to claw of phoenix
@ Hayyamm

I see that way too often.


can't see 2 huge mace in the screen XD XD XD
10/10 very sexy :)
10/10 same to you :D
10/10 v nice Copper ;) Where do you get that gear from btw? my atlasloot decides it can't find it :( want it incase I go back Draenei
got it all from AH for a bad 1000g.... damn bastards @ my server
03/02/2012 13:39Posted by Scitts
10/10 v nice Copper ;) Where do you get that gear from btw? my atlasloot decides it can't find it :( want it incase I go back Draenei

Draenai are the sexiest race in WoW xD

@Copperkop - I paid 1k gold in AH for my hunter's gear xD http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/rexxar/Kochanie/advanced

@Scitts - your gear is also very nice :)
Looks really cool on your hunter, But maybe those oldschool paulders like T1 would stand really cool on it as well. Bit bigger
Also bit yellow looking to match
gotta visit MC then :) thx for the advice ;)
Thanks Stokrotka! Finally found a tabard that managed to fit it like 2 weeks ago which is the tabard I am currently using so was a happy bunny then :D
Meh still need shoulders/gloves and a fitting shield. This one is too big, flashy and covers my whole back almost. If anyone has any shield suggestions.

Then again i might just go enh and ditch the shield completely.

Yeah not bad, shoulders are allways the tricky ones ... 7/10 .

And yeah my weapon is a miss match..

EDIT: Shoulders and dagger changed, helm added ..

PS: attleast it aint any of the tier sets u see everywhere ;)
@ Noaide
cant realy say it screams shaman, nor dous the shoulders realy fit the rest of the gear 3/10 :/
Clearly something I like 10/10 ^^
Not very original, but a great set is a great set. 9/10
Looks really nice, especially on Draenei^^
I've always love T10, the blue set reall kicks out the spirit!
10/10 !
(i forgot to disequip Tabard D:, and boots are still incoming)

EDIT: i just saw you cant really vieuw my gear with my armory positioning,
here you can see how i look like, and with my mogged onehanders to when i use them :)

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