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I'm just posting here a reprise of my offer to Dusksworn's Desiderata to "publish" any of my 'published works' from Gnapoleon's, Fyne's, and Scurvy's AA libraries on condition that my "author's share" goes to the Argent Archives for event promotion. I've sent a list of all but the newest [today's] titles to Innatus' Archives mailbox.

Were I a user of GHI, I would patronize this bookstore on Fyne [who can be especially patronizing], to add to my extensive collection of in-game books. As is, I'll simply need to rave about how this bookstore encourages roleplay for GHIers and non-users alike.

I keep missing the opening times for some reason. X_x I want books! =(
06/01/2012 15:50Posted by Marcaidius
Innatus. You should be an end game boss. Seriously.
Dusksworn's Desiderata will be opening it's doors to it's customers this Friday Evening, the 20th of January!

The bookshop will open at exactly 19:30 Realm time!

Bring your GHI addon and a penchant for -not- metagaming and calling us cultists! :D

And even if you don't have GHI, we can still roleplay! ^^
Doh! What a silly blunder, I posted the weekly Desiderata announcement in the -old- thread. Derp.


For those wishing to come into contact with either the Twilight Cult or the Royal Loreseeking Society; The bookshop "Dusksworn's Desiderata" will be opening at 19:30 this evening on the 27th of January!

If you've got a GHI book of reasonable length (around ten pages) you'd like us to review and possibly publish, then we're your guys! We also do this to a lesser extent even if you don't have GHI, but this naturally means noone will be able to interact with the book or even read the contents outside of their own imagination.

(PS: Original content only. We do not allow GHI books that are simply copied from in-game books. We pride ourselves on being a bookshop with books -by- roleplayers, -for- roleplayers.)

Also; I'd like to remind people that the Cult doesn't OOCly claim to exclusively -own- any in-game buildings (because that would be silly), and so we don't see any reason why it wouldn't be possible to share the locale with other guilds or groups who might be interested in using the building themselves. There's only so many buildings in Stormwind after all, and I'm sure we'd be able to find a way for everyone to be able to fit their individual RP into such "living"-arrangements.

We'd like to avoid such unnecessary confrontations and the near-inevitable IC/OOC drama-fest of "It's OUR building!" "NO IT IS NOT! GTFO!" "NO, U!" and so on, and on, and on that usually follows.

So! Once again, bump! And come to the Bookshop at 19:30! You won't regret it!

Shur'nab, Shur'nab!
Opening again, after a long holiday, on Monday, March 5th, at 19:30!

Featuring tons of new books as well as the triumphant, 40-pages-long guide on herbalism and first aid by Zaredd Moragh, "Natural Healing!"
How on earth did I miss the fact that you can have books published at this lovely shop? I've never visited but just from reading this thread, it definitely sounds like it's worth a look-in. I'll try to be there!
We're still looking for more writers who want to put there books up for the grand public.
Come one, come all to Dusksworns Desiderata.
Opening tonight!
Opening again on TUESDAY, March 13, 19:30. That's tomorrow.
I strongly approve of this bookshop!
Last week's a friend's character found this store and bought Gaeb a book, it was just a day or so after we transfered and I was amazed that there was actually a bookstore selling GHI stuff here on AD. I cannot say enough how awesome I think this is, I hope I can make the opening hours tomorrow to buy something!

I hope that I can find some time in the near future to get something written and hopefully published as well, I'd love to contribute something to this :-)
Dusksworn - not quite exclusive carriers of many* fine texts by T. G. D. Fyne!

*The proprietors will not guarantee the availability of any titles by T. G. D. Fyne.
"On the origin of Mind" is the best selling book of yours (your many characters!), Fyne. It's always available!

Opening again tomorrow, April 11th, in Stormwind, at 19:30!
Opening today at 19:30, at the usual spot in Stormwind!
Looking forward to it.
Opening in an hour!
It's been a while since we dusted off the thread.

Opening again this Thursday, June 14, at 18:30!
*Wears a french maid outfit and dusts off the thread, giggling flirtatiously as he does so... he even wears the high heels.*

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