Your Mage Transmog Set.

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Just a fun little post, I've recently only just made my Mage (gotta say, I wish I had before! Fire is the most fun ever!) and I was thinking about what set I'd use in 4.3.

Tirisfal Regalia -

Seemed the most fitting for me, as I don't see myself playing any other spec but fire.

Others thoughts?
A lot of things don't look good on a gnome, in combination with a lot of mage sets being pretty bad (at least on gnome), am a bit stuck on what to choose.

Might end up in Wrathful or maybe an earlier tier. I also like tier 13 though and that'll look great on a gnome so will see. S13 looks ok but the helm clips way too much to be on display as usual.

If I was still undead this'd be easy <:
Heh, I was thinking of Race changing goblin, but similar reasons have put me off :(
If I was still undead this'd be easy <:

What set are you thinking? :Ppp
Anything! Everything looks good on Undead. Although probably some combination of Wrathful or tier 5.
The warlock t5 look-a-like gear or the ToC cloth DPS gear, both look pretty sweet. However, i do love the next tier of gear so when I get some of that i'll not bother with transmogrification any more.
T5 > all.
Someone on MMOC made a Jaina set, that's so the only dress set I'll ever approve of. Curiously, it comes with a tunic + kilt, so we could have a Jaina tunic set if we find matching pants instead. Nom.
I have a few that I'll likely be using. One of the biggest challenges as a nightelf is finding a headpiece that does not look utter crapish with long ears sticking out of the sides; thus I'll mostly be focusing on "crown" or "collar" style head pieces:

T12 normal with the head swapped with the "Flame Halo"-crown (Circle of Flame headpiece from Ambassador Flamelash in BRD); Looks very cool when it is completed, plus this is probably the most fire mage'ish set you can make.

T6, Tempest Regalia: Cool set all around; epscially for an arcane mage. Also comes with default crown-style head that looks desent on a night elf.

T1 Arcanist Regalia (and the red-themed lookalike from TBC: Good artwork and a collar-style head that does not interfere with nelf ears

Vanila PVP Field Mashals Regalia "The candyfloss set" Fairly good set, crown-style head-piece.

And last but not least: T0, Magister's Regalia: The most iconic mage set of them all, was removed with cata, but items with identical models will now be offed at the new Darkmoon Faire for transmog purposes, so I'm definitely getting one of those as well
I am personally using the Deadly gladiator set from Wrath ulduar season as it looks like a more textured T5
T5, unless they bring back T3, which I'll then use. Please don't mention the recolored T7 versions: they're ugly as hell, and can't hold a candle to the original.
There aint going to be 1, exept if the weapons from deathwing present to be better than legendary due weapon swapping then maybe that
I dunno about mage, (def gonna be monocle/pimp hat involved) but holy upside down unicorns in a fiat panda, this is an awesome way to dress your pala:
s1 gears :3
22/11/2011 20:35Posted by Kutre
s1 gears :3

Foolishly sold mine, Kept s2 though. Looking at some of the other tiers for other classes as well, in quite a few raids you can scavenge pieces to make up a similar looking set, which is good as a lot of them look better (hi locks!)
T2.5 with a mix of T3.

Dear santa, gief back old wow...
I was gonna do t6 at first, but once i had acquired all the visible pieces... I didn't look as good on as i thought it would (i guess i just liked it because it was the first tier set I saw). I've been playing around on transmogger with some tier sets and I have a few good ideas...
My favorite right now is the recolor of t2 with t6 head...might go with t6 shoulders as well, but i like the floating balls of t2...
anyways here's a link->
and here it is with t6 shoulders->
I was also thinking of going with the original t2:
This was the t6 i was planning on wearing:
I know a lot of people are looking for a belt for t6 and the one I'm using is from Lord Marrowgar 10 hc and the boots are from shade of aran.
But I also really like mage t13 so i might just keep that... but then again it's only cool if you have the full set AND the normal mode one is the coolest one I will probably only do raid finder... so yea.
Anyways what do you guys think?
heros frostfire set, with outlanders face wrap. its king i tell you!
24/11/2011 00:58Posted by Jonirenicus

oh god the helm
Tirisfal Regalia or Merciless Gladiator, whatever I feel like at the time.

And this set im wearing now ofc with Mana-Etched Crown.

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