When my friend will get unbanned??

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Hallo my friend had problem with getting his account hacked. He spoke with your mate from UK to the phone and your mate unbanned his battlenet account and my friend was able to log in battlenet ( he wasnt before ) ye but he didnt get wow account unbanned, we would like to know if that will happen, because basicly he didnt make anything wrong, his battlenet and wow account were banned cus they were hacked and the hacker did someting wrong with em, basicly after his battlenet account was banned and the admins decided that he didnt make that which was the reason for his ban and his battlenet account was unbanned his wow account should be unbanned in that case because his battlenet account was banned cus his wow account :P sry for bad english and bad explanation
Greetings Highquality,

I can see you’ve since deleted a second post in this thread stating that things have been fixed – does that mean that the issue is in fact yet to be resolved?

I’m afraid I’m not really able to enter into any details regarding another person’s account (although, in this case, I’m obviously unaware of who your friend is either way!) but, in general terms, if an account was previously locked due to compromise and hasn’t yet been unlocked, this will usually be because our support team is still waiting for some further information from the account holder.

If this could possibly be the case for your friend, please have him check to make sure that he doesn’t have any emails from us in his ‘Junk’ or ‘Spam’ folders, nor any waiting responses to web tickets (which can be accessed once logged into Battle.net Account Management, under the ‘SUPPORT’ dropdown in the top left corner. :)

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