What do you think of a new pod cast ????

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hello everyone I know not many of you will know me as I have not been on the forums a lot so most likely you will not know me but what you going to do :D well anyway I been playing wow for 5 years give or take a few months and am very experienced with all aspects of the game both horde and alliance "mostly horde" :P well this is mainly going to be aimed at the Community team as well as you to know if any of your would tune in and be loyal viewers I aim to get the pod cast to the ranks of AIE and The Instance I know this is not an easy feat to accomplish but I will do my very best if I do get permission form the community team to cover my own back I will give you more information on the content to be expected and the way it going to work and I will introduce you to my nick name and my fellow pod casters name and on the first week of the pod cast I will tell you a lot more as well so my question is will you watch my pod cast of my and my quests opinions about up coming patches the patch notes and the game content as well as betas and our experiences in the game so thank you and I hope that I will get reply form you the community soon so we can make this pod cast happen thank you :D:D:D

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