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Okay i know alot of people are just farming Teir sets, which sure if you like them go ahead. But for those of you like me who want to not look like everyone else (After all that is partly the point) Maybe you will find this site intresting also..

Link below what sets you choose :D


Rogue: (But instead of the healm i want the blindfold off illadin)

Palladin: Or

im wearing this yo

I wanted that but to be honest id rather not spend months on the farming trail
Uh! I have that Devout dress. I still keep in on my backpack. Maybe I'll finish the set.
I am still quite unsure about certain sets and whatnot as I love to change very often... But thank you for the great site, definetely helped me think of some. ^_^
For me its always been about the shoulders... If a set has good shoulders then ill like the rest, the helms can be turned off so who cares about them :P
im wearing this yo

It took about 8 hours for me, to find all pieces of the Battleforge set.
Can't wait for 4.3, and I am wearing this set now :)
See the shoulders look too plain... that just dont do it for me. But if you like it then thats fine
I don't like big shoulders or helm on rogue so I'm using this:

and a black mask
Certain combinations are not allowed for the transmogrification process.
There would be nothing more classy than going into battle wearing a Tuxedo.
Could wear the defilas mask with that? might look good. Only problem with that is finding a matching black will be difficult and if you dont it will look weird
I'm sad that the Dungeon 1 & 2 sets will be buyable now. I farmed the Valor set, and then I did the long and expensive chain quest to upgrade it to Heroism, and now.. buyable for tickests at a circus..

I don't like that.
Yeah but the it will take months to get one set..
Just get the MogIt Addon. It is exactly 1 million times better than any website out there with prearranged transmog sets.
I tryed that, i realy didnt like it...
there is a black mask called sunroc mask
I'll be wearing Absolution Regalia , with my lovely Benediction staff.
Before i start search for shield what you guys think what shield i should use with this set?
18/11/2011 00:08Posted by Kidja
Before i start search for shield what you guys think what shield i should use with this set?

Bulwark of Azzinoth

It's the most cliché shield I could think of, so it suits your gear perfectly.


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