Horde Defenders - 25 Man Raiding Guild

Greetings I am Nysanda the leader of Horde Defenders, i formed this guild in 2005 on The Venture Co where we built up a valuable reputation over the years this is where I met many of the loyal members you see in HD today. However, due to the dwindling numbers of the realm we as a guild decided to leave our original home behind and found Kazzak, our new home!

We now search for some new mature, dedicated and brave advernturers to accompany us along the way :)

We are a semi-hardcore 25-man raiding guild with 4/8 Progress in Dragon Soul and we operate a very friendly and social atmosphere within the guild.

What we have to offer
nice social atmosphere, at the same time without aiming to be just a social guild, but also to have some decent raiding going in the process. 3 raids per week - Thursday, Sunday, Monday 19:30 - 23:00. EPGP loot system, 2/3 (66%) required attendance (with bonus rewards for 100% attendance). Invites start at 19:15 and there is a 10 mins break around 21:30.

What we expect from you;

Should we sound like something you are looking for in terms of guild and raid environment, we also have some rules and expectations that must be followed if you're accepted.

• Dedication to the guild and raids. All our members are! We expect the same from you too!
• You are expected to be punctual and attend atleast 2/3 of our weekly raids. We can't have people waiting around not knowing if you're dead, alive or hung over. If you are unable to attend a raid for whatever reason, it is polite to let us know as soon as possible before hand.

What we're looking for:

In terms of raiders, we are look for mature, friendly and capable raiders that understand the mechanics of the fights we are tackling and therefore should not require babysitting. We want you to be able to work independently and not have someone tell you "move out of that hurty thing". Brains are a must!

Currently we are mainly looking for some more dps classes to fill our ranks. However, do not be deterred from applying if you are a healer or tank as we consider all applications on an individual basis, so therefore if you feel that you are an exceptional player and we fit your desires, please do not hesitate to apply!

For any further info, or if you are interested,
http://hordedefenders.enjin.com/Or just whisper Nysanda ingame.
8/8 - 25 man progress
Progress - 1/8 Heroic
Progress - 2/8 Heroic
6/8 HC

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