Snow In Orgrimmar and Stormwind

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just calculating and drawing your snow is a !@#$%, as all trees etc you see are part of the map and not "seperate" objects
While i agree, it needs to make sense a little. Durotar is a desert, why would snow fall in Orgrimmar? Move it to Thunder Bluff, or somewhere.
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make video Christmas? snow orgrimmar and stormwind ?


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It would be.... So magical..... As a Worgen, this is a +1
I definitely support this idea. A few times I (and other players) have suggested this. Snow in areas where normally there is no snow or vice versa. Snow in Stormwind and Orgrimmar would be awesome during Christmas.

Weather changes in other area is welcome too with the exception of some though (Eversong Woods (never rain or snow; steady weather) or Icecrown and Storm Peak (always snow)).
Christmas Winter Darkmoon faire
Winter start snow 1 december stop snow 1 january? Winter haver year snow haver year orgrimmar-stormwind
We have people who can grow trees in the Molten Front where there is no water, and have them not go up in flames in the heat. I think we can manage snow in Org. :D
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i try make future blizzard and world of warcraft :) Christmas? snow orgrimmar and stormwind almdor-eastern kingdoms 50% snow ? and quest mor ? :)
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thanks blizzard thinking weather system should be implemented into the game =)))

I was thinking that a seasonal weather system should be implemented into the game, just for example maybe some snow in the dryer zones during christmas? Or abit of glacial thawing and melting in the snowier zones, also abit of rain etc would be welcome in places like durotarr and some sunshine welcome in trisfal glades. Just a suggestion, what does everyone else think? I know we have events for these times of the year but some weather change would be nice :D And yes, i have only touched on brief weather patterns/climates that could be intigrated into the game

me future ? world of warcraft ?? blizzard too ?:D me yes ?? =)

weather system should be implemented into the game,.....( yes)----(no)....???? =)
=)))))???weather system should be implemented into the game, reade December -saturday 1 2012???? 24 days?? Updates reade???????? blizzard???
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try make quest too ? Christmas snow quest Orgrimmar and Stormwind???

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???Christmas Snow In Orgrimmar and Stormwind???
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this idea is fantastic, with the xrealm zones populating dalaran and other cities, i think we need snow there to.
Blizz please make this possible.

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