How unique are you ?

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Simple, type in your name in the search function (top right corner), see how many other characters share it and then come back and post the number. (p.s accented names are NOT allowed)

1 Unique
2-10 Snowflake standard
11-20 Just a bit more originality would go a long way
21-30 Average
31-40 You needed to think a bit more
41-50 You just rushed ahead in order to start playing
50+ In dire need of a name change

Starting off: Loremistress 9 (though I am the only 85)
Apparently the name dorus is really popular with the Worgen folk

Dorus 178
37 :(
average for my character name...

although our guild is the only Faded in Europe :)
Three hits. One is this, one my goblin i made for that occupy swindle street thing and one is a level 4 warlock that's obviously a fan :P

I'd say, regarding name, pretty darn flakey.
I need a name change apparently :(

I'm the only cool Sarenia though!

And if I were just to count the 85s there's only 6 (I'm jus ttrying to make myself feel better :()
1 woop
2 on this char but I think the other is one of my alts on another realm
229 This one is horribly unoriginal though
I'm the only one! And i'm white! And snowflakes are of milk(right?)!

*looks at class*

Oh....nevermind...*walks away head held low*
I'm unique!

Just me with this name!
60 :(

I'd love to know how many were around when I created this char (sometime in 2009) , as I'm sure I checked and it was unique!
2, Me and a low level gnome.

3 are mine on different realms, rest are level 1's O.o

Although I am unique because there were none (and I checked) with this name when I started it.
28 on this char so average... unique on a few alts.. or at least they are all my characters.
50+ In dire need of a name change


Perfect number.

Here, ask my towel about it.
2 and the other is my warrior

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