How unique are you ?

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unique am happy with it :P yeahhh !!!
Unique :)
There is only one of me, truly unique.
163...yet I have never met another Ranor in 6 years? >.>
Ancalime, 152, no wonder, she is the Queen of Numenor after all.

My shaman however, she's unique. Hjartanji :)
Hah! You will all bow before the uniqueness of Racathor!.... Oh... Other people only have one as well.... Hrm.
I am unique! :'D
1. i am unique (theres 4 characters, but they are all mine) i even checked korean and us...

EU (4) -
US (0) -
KR (0) -
All other with my name are my alts :D
2 - Snowflake standard

Damn you other 2 Dregthier's!
Ok lets see
Exiana- 32
Angelisa- 71
Fysia- 14
from that it seems fairly uncommon through to common names. :)
Dacaria: 9 :p
18 players but around 10 are lvl 1. and my alt's name has only one 'augys' so I think I m doing well
10 only with 2 other lvl85s :s
still im such a special snowflake lalalala
4. all my alts :>
Cheers I am unique!
Unique! yahoo!
Only me eheh
Only me with this name..... Unique :D
Now, everyone take all the unique names and lets all create some alts!

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