Mounts shared across account?

Like pets will be in 5.0 why not make the same regarding pets? Etc you pay an ingame fee, as with transmorg or reforge etc, which allows you to share a certian mount across all your characters on the same realm or perhaps even just across the whole account.

This should also make it more worth not just grinding mounts, but just for those who has done old school raids / achivements. Those that isn't optainable anymore.
They said at Blizzcon if i recall if all goes well with account bound pets they will consider doing mounts as well.
Sharing mounts across characters or being able to send soulbound mounts (before they're learned, obviously) to other characters?

Either is fine ofcourse. =]
Apperently not many support this idea =/
No thanks. Then you can just level 20 alts and run Tempest Keep. Hard shizzle to get the Phoenix mount. Or any rare mount for that matter.

And I'm not complaining as a person who have rare mounts and don't want others to have them. I'm closing in on the 110-mount mark, and I have 2 rare mounts: Swift White Hawkstrider & Headless Horseman's Mount. Neither are very rare, mind you.
What about those who have Re-rolled a new toon and/or class and no longer play their old 'Main' which also has a nice handful of mounts they can no longer enjoy?

Seems to be a shame to loose the enjoyment of your Mottled Drake (for example) just because you no longer enjoy playing that character.
Perhaps not all mounts should be shared? As what Shalian said about paying a fee, I would gladly move said mount over to my more active character if I was able to.

This way, it will not increase the number of mounts for all characters, they will be just moving one or two, to a different character. However, I can only see this only working with rare drops and achievement mounts.
Cause I suppose it wouldn't be fair to move all your Netherdrakes over without grinding the rep first. If you had indeed done the rep grind, or would want to just to move the Drakes over, is there any point? You could just buy them in the end lol.

So in conclusion, I suppose those who would be considering this seriously would only have in mind their most precious of mounts, perhaps TCG mounts?

I could see this working and maybe a possible solution to keeping 'Rare' mounts 'Rare' and not having every lvl 20 you make have a Spectral Tiger on it.
19/11/2011 18:27Posted by Shalian
Apperently not many support this idea =/

You have my support, sister!

Lets hope this feature will make it into Pandaria, or even sooner! :-)

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