[H] <Ecology> 8/8 hc - Recruiting for Pandaland

Greetings lads and ladies of Kazzak,

<Ecology> was formed on Nordrassil EU as a 10 man heroic raiding guild on the 7th September 2011, by a group of friends of various nationalities and backgrounds with vast experience of high end PvE progression in previous expansions, such as pre-nerf Sunwell and Naxx 40 clears. We moved to Kazzak prior to Dragon Soul in order to benefit from the much larger player base and extravagant night-life.

During progress, we raid on Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday between 8 and 12 ST. We expect members to have at least 90% attendance during this period.

Recruitment is currently open to the majority of classes (excluding Death Knight) to solidify our roster heading into Pandaland.

Our policy is progression above all else.

You must be prepared to raid at a high level, and be equipped with the various skill sets that are required in order to succed; communication, the ability to execute instructions and exceptional individual skill. There will be long hours during progression, there will be extra 'homework' and there most definitely will be criticism (as well as praise!). If you work hard for your spot, you will be justly rewarded. We will accept nothing less than your best. If you prefer your raids to be like "My Little Pony" themed tea parties, you might as well look elsewhere.

We also expect all of our applicants to have signed up for the annual pass, in order to make use of the beta.If you think you are capable of both exceptional performance and reliability, then do not hesitate to apply at ecology.enjin.com
Le bump.

Be with you soon!
8/8 done.
Bump for transfer sorted!
Looking for any exceptional players, with particular emphasis on a blood DK.
bump for the respite of the holiday season. On the look out for skilled players to help with the push to 6/8.
looking for a mage and hpally?
We have now opened our recruitment up to all classes and specs.

Need a resto shaman
Not if you lack basic comprehension skills.
where do i apply??
Bump for my awesome transmog, and raids starting again.
10 or 25 man ?
Now selling a full firelands heroic clear. Whisper me in game for information.
Bumping right back to the top
slime boss was hard
sub 5% wipes while testing hour of twilight?

boss seems legit.
Looking especially for a solid caster DPS, with progress on the legendary staff being a huge bonus.

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