4.3.4 Known Issues & Bug Reports

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I wanted to post a bug report in this sticky but you've locked it!!

With the new patch you can now report bugs directly in-game through the Customer Support window. For more information about these changes please take a look at our support article here.


For specific information about bug reporting, please take a look at the FAQ here.


But I can't use the in-game bug report tool! What now?

If you are having difficulty reporting a bug then you are welcome to make a post in the CS Forum instead. We will ensure that the report is dealt with correctly and then lock the thread.
You can press CTRL+F (Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome) to quickly search this sticky for known issues, for example, pressing CTRL+F and typing in Heirloom then pressing the enter key will take you to the known issue/fix related to Heirlooms.

4.2.2 Known Issues & Bug Reports can be found here:

Patch 4.3 Hotfix Blog can be found here:

Patch 4.3.2 Patch notes can be found here:

  • If your Tyrael's Charger mount has not appeared in your mailbox, simply log out of the game completely, log back in to another character and then log back in on your main character. This only applies to players who signed up for the World of Warcraft Annual Pass more than 3 day before the launch of patch 4.3. Anyone who signs up after that date will have to wait for up to 72 hours for their new mount to arrive.

Hello everyone,

In this sticky you will find a list of current issues that we are aware of.

Please note, this sticky will be updated with any major reports and might not yet contain every known issue.

Known Issues

Bug Reports

If you are having technical issues with the new patch/game client, please consult our Technical Support Forum for further assistance;

How to Report a Bug

You can find the Reporting a Bug FAQ here:


Some extra things to keep in mind before reporting:

Please read our current known issues sticky bearing in mind that we're concentrating primarily on issues specific to 4.3 changes and content. The problem you’ve encountered may already be listed below.

Please don't feel that you have to post about every problem you run into. It's important that you take into account how often something happens and whether or not you're able to reproduce it.

If something only happens once and the circumstances are a bit fuzzy, it's generally very difficult for us to find out why. Issues that you experience regularly and/or have a very obvious cause are what we're keen to hear about; not only are they easier to identify and solve, their regularly probably means that they're more important to you and thus a higher priority.

Please be sure to write a clear description of the issue with any information that you think may be helpful/relevant.
Known Issues


  • The Raid Frames UI is not able to display the amount of stacks of a debuff if the amount is 10 or more.
  • Items sent via mail might show as not having durability.
  • The Equipment Manager's set icon disappears when you save the set with the same name.
  • The binding and refund-removal confirmation window will not appear for items that have a refund or trade timer, if they are the subject of a transmogrification.
  • Void Storage may appear empty upon first opening it after a Character Transfer.
  • Neither the 5% nor the 10% versions of the Honorable Mention Guild Perk are awarding additional Honor in a number of situations.
  • The 'Incoming Resurrection' icon sometimes remains on the raid party frames after being resurrected.
  • There are multiple issues with the player's normal action bar and vehicle bar when entering or exiting the vehicle.
  • Reforging window is sometimes non-interactible or display inaccurate information after patching to 4.3.
  • The tooltip for Blood Presence and Unholy Presence state that they are instant spells, Frost Presence does not.
  • The tooltip for Copper Vein does not update tradeskill skillup colours properly.
  • Adjusting Texture Resolution from Good or Fair to Low settings causes female underwear to become visible while wearing certain types of armor.
  • [Mac] Switching the Command/Control keys and clicking is not entirely recognized by the client.
  • There is an issue with pet health after dismounting.
General Issues

  • Male Taurens cannot enter the doorway to the Argent Coliseum while they are ghosts.
  • Dead players attempting to log back into the Darkmoon Faire when the holiday has ended will be teleported out but their corpse will remain.
  • Shattrath city guards are giving incorrect profession trainer information.
Raids & Dungeons

  • It is possible to fall through Nefarian's platform using Blink.
  • The Core Hounds in The Molten Core are smaller in 4.3 than they were in 4.2.
  • Continuously moving and jumping after being affected by Rewind Time results in your character being ported to the location of their snapshot clone.
  • The visual for Deck Fire is not always cleaned up properly during the Warmaster Blackhorn encounter.

  • Murkablo isn't playing idle animation sounds.

      Death Knight

    • Blood Presence does not dynamically update when talenting into or out of Improved Blood Presence, causing Death Knight tanks to receive critical hits if they don’t swap presences back and forth.
    • Unholy Death Knight pet ghouls do not consistently keep up or teleport to their owners when swapping platforms in the Madness of Deathwing encounter.
    • Pillar of Frost prevents friendly and self cast effects that move the character from functioning.


    • If Sea Legs is active, Aquatic Form is causing the druid swim animation to speed up unnaturally.
    • Going through a portal can cause the Druid UI to make it appear that you are still in Flight Form when you are not.
    • Druids do not see a shield displayed on the cast bar of Paladins under the effect of Aura Mastery.
    • The buff tooltip for the 4-piece Deep Earth bonus Mass Regeneration incorrectly states that max health is increased by 15% instead of the 30%.


    • Pet talent Rabid is not auto-used in the Ultraxion encounter.
    • Pets cannot be removed from Prowl without going into combat.


    • The Living Bomb expiration explosion triggered by the Living Bomb spell places the casting Mage and the target in combat.


    • Light of Dawn has a frontal cone effect that is aiming far to the right on Blood Elf females.


      • Casting a channeled spell while channelling Mind Sear can cause the channelled spell to instantly fail.
      • Characters under the effects of Levitate use their hover animation when swimming.



    • Searing Totem will not attack targets that are not attacking the Shaman when it is dropped before entering combat.
    • Abilities which proc off of melee attacks cannot proc off of Wind Blast.
    • Shamanism affects Lava Burst even though it is impossible to have Lava Burst without Shamanism.

    • Casting Hellfire does not trigger the proc effect of Will of Unbinding.


  • Players do not receive an error message when they are unable to resurrect with a Soulstone.
  • Multiple spells have the incorrect range listed in their tooltip or combat log tooltip.
    The ranges have not changed from 4.2.2 unless noted in the Patch Notes.
  • The tooltip for Frost Shock does not display the amount of damage done.
  • Beacon of Light does not function on party members below level 29.
  • Effects which reduce the duration of snares also cause Hurricane to not last the full duration.
  • Dying from fall damage does not trigger Spirit of Redemption.
  • The Hunter ability Feign Death may cause looting issues.
  • Pets following the Assist stance can start attacking their last target after being given the Follow command.

  • During Battlegrounds it is possible for Spirit of Redemption to end prematurely when clicking on a flag as Spirit of Redemption procs.
  • Killing a Priest with Spirit of Redemption active does not track properly in the Battleground or Arena score window.
  • Killing a Priest with Spirit of Redemption active does not count as a Killing Blow in player statistics.
  • The Honor Gained portion of a regular battleground scoreboard will display double the honor gained per kill.
  • Players are unable to do War Games if they turn off XP gains.
  • Ram will not deal damage to the Horde and Alliance gates unless it is cast directly in the center of the gate.

  • Characters on a taxi, with Haunted Memento in their Inventory, will perform the Cower animation and cause the taxi to deviate slightly on its flight path. This is also affecting characters in Barber's Chairs.
  • Players remain in Leyara's Locket form while shapeshifted.
  • Soothsayer's Runes shows under the "junk" tab on the auction house.
  • Helmets using the Valorous Terrorblade Helmet model are displaying a different colour for Night elf and Undead characters.
  • The animations for spells cast directly after Shadowbolt Volley procs from Cunning of the Cruel will not display correctly.
  • Deathmist Mask has inconsistent texture on all races.
  • The companion pet Withers does not regrow when placed in water.
  • There are some Ruthless Gladiator and Cataclysmic Gladiator armor pieces that are under budget when compared to similar items.
  • The tooltip for Vial of Shadows does not scale with attack power.(Please note that this is only a display issue and the damage does scale.)
  • As Mug of Dire Brew no longer spawns, there is no way to earn Dire Brew.
  • Vengeful Gladiator's Dreadweave Hood has the same colour as Hood of the Malefic.
  • The Darkmoon Zeppelin companion does not display in the preview window for companion pets.
  • Various shoulder items such as Brilliant Saronite Pauldrons have had their colour changed.
  • When rotating the camera, the saddle texture on Netherwing Drake models will flicker.
  • Some helms such as the Headdress of Alacrity model are displaying different textures on Worgen females.
  • Some Shaman Arena Season 11 cataclysmic items are using the wrong textures.
  • Multiple Scroll of Resurrection Healer necklaces have Strength on them.

  • If you disconnect during the quests 'Into Constant Earth' or 'Into Unrelenting Flame' you will not able to complete or turn in the quests.
    Workaround: Relog or leave and re-enter the area to proceed. ★
  • If you disconnect after filling the progress bar for the quest 'Elemental Bonds: Patience' you will lose the progress bar.
    Workaround: Drop and reaccept the quest to proceed. ★
  • There are various issues with progression if you perform a Faction Change while in the middle of Twilight Highlands quest chains.
  • Some of the chat bubbles in the cutscene for the quest 'The Nordrassil Summit' are centered on the screen and may block your view of what's happening.
  • Zone bound items for quests will give an error message if you log into the game from a zone other than the one the item is supposed to be used in.
  • When playing the various mini-games on Darkmoon Island, if you shapeshift or stealth, the Darkmoon Faire action bar will come up over your normal action bar.
    Workaround: Reload your UI. ★
  • Cancelling the Whack-a-Gnoll buff while playing Whack-a-Gnoll on Darkmoon Island can cause a gnoll to appear on top of Mola’s head.
  • Double credit is being awarded for each kill for the quest 'Thieving Little Pluckers'.
  • 'To The Rescue!' sometimes cannot be completed. Brutusk freezes and does not attack.
  • Invisible Young Crocolisk are killing players, preventing them from completing 'The Pit of Scales' in Uldum.
  • Bloodscalp Shaman do not drop Bloodscalp Tusks for the quest Hunt for Yenniku.
  • The quest completion POI for the quest Fresh Legs does not match the location of Defender Mordun, the quest completion NPC.

  • The reward for the achievement 'Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider' is not visible on the achievement UI page.
  • Paladin’s Summon Warhorse is not counting towards mount achievements.
Bug Reports

Under Investigation

  • The quest event for 'Blood and Thunder!' can become stuck, preventing progress into Vashj'ir.
  • Protodrakes for the quest 'Cold Hearted' may not fly back to the Brunnhildar Village upon rescuing the three Brunnhildar Prisoners.
  • Heirloom items may keep their transmogrified appearance when being mailed between characters.
  • During phase 3 of the encounter, Al'Akir's Wind Burst may cause players to lose their ability to fly and thereby plummet to their deaths.
  • The equipment comparison feature in-game doesn't take into account any stat changes already made by reforging the item.
  • Upon disconnection from a battleground, the loading screen takes much longer than normal to load. After the loading, player appears out of the battleground, but still has the icon on the minimap like he was in.
  • Player unable to receive Darkmoon Adventurer's Guide from NPC Selina Dourman - Player has already completed Quest - The Darkmoon Faire - before 4.3 launch.
  • Kael'thas Sunstrider disconnects the raid when they enter the final phase in Tempest Keep. When the re-enter the instance, everything has reset.
  • When using Looking for Raid the raid frames can error when players join or leave the raid group causing names to appear incorrectly over the wrong character frame (this also applies to PvP and other raids).
  • Player states that during the Madness of Deathwing fight, the fight will enter the second phase before the first phase is over and the final platform is finished, causing the raid to wipe.
  • Group of players die when they attempt to jump platforms in the Madness of Deathwing encounter.
  • Cataclysmic Gladiator's Mail Gauntlets have got the exact same appearance as Ruthless Gladiator's Mail Gauntlets.
  • Enchant Shield - Greater Intellect appears on scrolls as Shield Enchant - Intellect III.
  • Shield Enchant - Intellect III still stacks up to 5 rather than 20 and is using old icon.
  • Bladestorm still does not grant immunity as per the talent.
  • Any Tauren (tested it by myself) can't enter the dungeon Trial of the Champion while being dead. Dead characters in Icecrown use gryphon to fly back to corpse, and they cant get dismounted while using it. Consequently, Taurens can't get into Trial of the Champion dungeon because they dont fit the entrance.
  • Mails no longer auto-delete after taking the last item if there is no text in the mail.
  • After dismounting from a drake in Hour of Twilight, players are unable to use the function keys unless they use /console reloadui.
  • Crowd Control debuffs on a NPC do not show as an icon on their portrait.
  • The raid frame UI slider cannot be removed when in a 5-man party.
  • Character is removed from Dungeon Finder queue if they gain a level while queued.
  • Player reports that Siege engines are moving faster in Battlegrounds since the patch and players are now able to stun them.
  • Player reports that Murozond activated his Spirit of Redemption at random times during the encounter. Was not killed when it happened and remained alive after the effect was done. Also noted he was not near or clicking on the Hourglass of Time.
  • Player reports that they are unable to use click-to-move to loot the Monstrous Clams in the quest Clammy Hands.
  • Players are not being shot correctly into the Zeppelin on the quest Aiming High.
  • Player reports that player names in battlegrounds are showing up as question marks on name plates and the scoreboard.
  • Player reports that if you set "show buffs above target frame" then the cast bar of the focus frame overlays the buffs and doesn't move properly.
  • Player reports that when Resistance is Futile triggers from Marked for Death, it doesn't refund the focus cost.
  • Player is floating over Deathwing when trying to get down to him from the airship.
  • This player reported that the Troggs did not spawn when doing the quest Close Escort - This did not prevent completion.
  • Player reports that enchanting a transmogrified item with Windwalk doesn't show the animation.
  • Player is reporting they are stuck in the looting animation after killing Azshara and clicking on the chest. They will stay like that until they exit the instance.
  • Flying machine playing 'Dragon landing/take off wings flapping sound' since 4.3.
  • Player reports that Tauren Female horn styles are the same size as male ones and look out of place.
  • Player reports that when they are disguised as a Night Elf female in Well of Eternity, casting spells whilst levitating their upper torso faces left.
  • Player reports that sending in a pet to attack Burning Tendons in Spine of Deathwing causes them to either die instantly or despawn.
  • The Model for Cobalt Shoulders are now Brown instead of Blue.
  • Player states that in the final gauntlet of the Hour of Twilight instance, a Faceless Brute grabbed the character and would not let go. This continued after the player died. Player says they were unable to move or take any other actions.
  • Petitioner states that the Resonating Crystal spawned under the ground during the Morchok encounter.
  • Player reports that in certain cinematics the camera angle is pointing to high and players just see sky.
  • Player reports that the volume for video cinematics is higher than game volume settings.
  • Player reports that when levitating, the player slides rather than walks.
  • The slow effect from the Druid's Balance talent Fungal Growth can be dispelled.
  • Player reports that the first stage legendary daggers Fear and Vengance are dropping in durability too fast.
  • Player reporting that they see a DPS loss using the first stage legendary daggers Fear and Vengeance in combat spec, compared to best Firelands weapons, or even lower item level weapons.
  • Ground based attacks such as hunter traps or Death and Decay can't hit Ultraxion.
  • All Stacks of shamans' Lightning Shield ability buff seem to get removed when affected by Earthen Vortex during the Morchok encounter in Dragon Soul.
  • Player reports that they are unable to use Heroic Leap on the ramp near Asira Dawnslayer in the Hour of Twilight instance.
  • Player reports that they are not silenced by Asira Dawnslayer when casting Chain Heal.
  • Player reports that their character was able to drop below platforms in Ultraxion fight and attack him from there without receiving damage from AoE, debuff or directly.
  • Player reports that you will be unable to jump between platforms during the Madness of Deathwing encounter if you are transformed into a Skeleton using the Noggenfogger Elixir.
  • Player reports that if you aoe down all the demons before Tyrande casts the beam of moonlight, she casts it then it stays forever.
  • Player reports that Hand of Azshara triggers a cooldown/lockout on Hunter ability Misdirection.
  • Player states their pet while on Assist will attack mobs/players they did not target.
  • Player reports that they disconnected in the middle of a Dragonsoul boss fight and were moved to their capital city and were ineligible for loot.
  • Player reports that a non spec player (Healer paladin) was able to roll need with spec bonus for item Souldrinker.
  • Player reports that a weapon loses it's falling leaves effect from the Mighty Agility enchant when it is transmogrified.
  • Player reports that the tentacles spawned from Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps do not always spawn or attack whilst fighting Ultraxion.
  • Player reports that the additional charges granted by the Necrotic Boneplate Battlegear 2 piece set bonus are consumed and lost if Sudden Doom and/or Rime proc on their own when the bonus charges are active.
  • Player reports that after the buff from Kiril, Fury of the Beasts reaches 10 their hitbox doubles in size.
  • Player reports that the Cataclysmic Gladiator's Armband for Elemental Shaman looks the same as the Ruthless Gladiator's one.
  • Player reports that No'Kaled, the Elements of Death and Kiril, Fury of Beasts receive the role bonus to rolls for classes not intended for the item in LFR.
  • Player reports that when whispering a cross realm with a space in the name it will actually appear as if you are whispering a player resulting in an incorrect realm and unknown player.
  • Player reports that when on the quest Battle of Life and Death they lost control of the mount they were riding on and it behaved erratically before they could control it again.
  • Player reports that Defeating Magmaw in Blackwing Desecent is causing the entire raid to stay in fight.
  • Player reports that their Death Knight tank is receiving critical hits from several encounters in Dragon Soul. He says he was using Blood Presence all the time.
  • Player reports that Ferocious Bite uses up combo points when attacking a player who was immune.
  • Player reports that the Warlock Felsteed mount is highlighted (like when you mouse over something) and displaying full ambience all the time.
Under Investigation cont.

  • Player reports that the quest The Battle for Gilneas City is occasionally not completable. Liam can disappear and Sylvanas continually heals up. Several attempts required to complete quest.
  • Player reports that the Cataclysmic Gladiator's Leather Helm appears to not be positioned properly on female models.
  • Player reports they used Shadowstep on the Tentacle during the Madness of Deathwing fight, resulting in them falling into the water.
  • Player reports that they died after falling through the Undercity lift but the game gave the location of their corpse near Garren's Haunt and they couldn't resurrect.
  • Player reports they get stuck at the podium during the quest Graduation Speech.
  • Player reports that if you are sent a guild invite and then open the map, the invite window disappears.
  • Player reports that a hunter was able to see the item Elementium Gem Clusters for the quest Cluster Clutch and roll need on them.
  • Player reports that when a warlock is mounted and attacked by a mob, the warlock's minion slows down to the attacking mob's move speed, leading to the minion being despawned as the warlock moves out of range.
  • Player reports that while Darkmoon Card: Tsunami and Heart of the Unliving, have the same proc effect of stacking spirit on healing, the Darmoon Card will proc off of Healing Rain, Earthliving, and Riptide ticks but currently the Heart of Unliving is not.
  • Player reports Illidari Council Encounter started with a massive loss in health for all the council members.
  • Player reports that Starcatcher Compass doesn't proc.
  • Player reports that they are still entering Battlegrounds with mixed languages.
  • Player reports that the quest Glop, Son of Glop has Glop sometimes reset unexpectedly during the quest.
  • Player reports that using the "Right Click To Move" feature, he will consistently get error messages when interacting with nodes, portals, npc's and looting corpses. Also reports that it's happening with the left click as well.
  • Player reports that in the Prince Keleseth fight, if you pull the pack just before him and also the boss and wipe, the skeletons will continue to ress prior to re-engaging the boss and throughout the boss fight.
  • Player reports that they cannot use their Fire Elementals Fire Nova during the Ultraxion fight.
  • Player reports that trying to transmogrify an heirloom item costs 375 gold. Player feels this is inappropriately priced.
  • Player reports that when new players join or leave a Looking for Raid group it interrupts their eating.
  • Player reports that the item Lord's Crown displays on worgen differently than other body models.
  • Player reports they were unable to capture the flag while standing on it in Warsong Gulch.
  • Player reports that the timestamp on chat keeps disabling.
  • Player reports that after Transmogrifying a weapon to look like Teebu's Blazing Longsword it does not show the blades in Armory, only the handles.
  • Player reports that the durability warning does not pop up for his ranged weapon.
  • Player reports that on some Drake mounts the neck is very broken up and allows you to see through it.
  • Player reports issues when moving out of a building or moving into range of an enemy, the game doesn't recognise you being outside or in range unless you let go of the movement key.
  • Player reports becoming locked to Ryolith Encounter in Firelands after wiping. When their group tried re-entering, they were given the message "Unable to zone in while an encounter is in progress". Changing the difficulty back to normal let them re-enter, and after waiting 5 minutes and changing raid leaders, they were able to switch it back to heroic and proceed as before.
  • Player reports that they've been unable to do Oracle dalies since patch 4.3.
  • Player reports that ever since patch 4.3 came out, the Hunter ability Disengage has been constantly and consistently failing a lot. When the Hunter is in mid-air during the disengage, and he gets hit by a stun or root or incapacitation effect, they will either drop straight down onto the ground or be teleported back to the original spot that they disengaged from.
  • Player reports that after disconnecting from an arena match, you cannot see other players on the team unless you restart the game.
  • Player reports that after leaving a random dungeon, many guild names cannot be found by the auto-complete when sending something to an in-game mail recipient.
  • Player reports that their pet does not path to the burning tendons during the Deathwing's Spine fight when they cast Bestial Wrath.
  • Player reports pets get randomly stuck in the ground during the Madness of Deathwing fight.
  • Player reports they are unable to use certain pet activation triggers like Kill Command on Twilight Assaulters in the Dragon Soul raid.
  • Player reports their hunter pet receives the same damage as players from the lightning phase during the Hagara fight.
  • When Hagara casts Focused Assault it cancels the player's Mind Flay immediately.
  • Player reports that if Leap of Faith is cast on them when jumping to a platform during the Madness of Deathwing fight, the player will stop and fall.
  • Player reports that occasionally they will cast a warrior ability and get two critical strikes from it.
  • Player reports that the Belt of Flayed Skin has an unusually high vendor price compared to other Dragon Soul drops, with knock on increases for repair/reforge/transmute etc.
  • Player reports that occasionally their Death Knight ghoul minion won't go anywhere or attack and the pet bar greys out.
  • Player reports that the ability Field Dressing is not working with Blood Craze which in turn doesn't seem to give 4% of health return.
  • Player reports that the Succubus ability Whiplash is occasionally not working or knocking back enemies.
  • Captain Keelhaul is not allowing players to turn in the quest "Your First Day as a Pirate".
  • Player reports that the Warlock's Felguard spell Legion Strike reduces healing to 10%, instead of 25%.
  • Player reports that when they join an instance they have no way to prevent themselves dying if the group are in combat due to the loading screen delay.
  • Player reports that their Show All Enemy Debuff setting is not persistent and turns off or does not show the buffs at all.
  • Player reports they are missing rated bg wins for achievement Warbound Veteran.
  • Player reports that the progress text for the quest Fight the Flood is showing both genders.
  • Player reports that the spell Cauterize is not working as intended.
  • Tailspin is causing pets to aggro critters which either keeps the hunter in combat or will cause serious aggro issues if the Fox runs into any aggressive mobs while chasing after a critter.
  • Player reports their pets are not being re-summoned after leaving a vehicle.
  • Player reports they have to call a dead pet before can try to revive the pet.
  • Player reports that the pet Move To ability does not work underwater, especially deep water.
  • Player reports that any form of water walking does not work on the canals in the Undercity.
  • Player reports Owlkin Frenzy appears not to be proccing from all types of damage during fights only direct and/or physical damage.
  • Player reports that the Malefic Boots, Belt and Bracers do not have the same colours as the rest of the set.
  • Player reports the Death to Agogridon quest is showing a 10 million reputation gain as a reward and is not granting it.
  • Player reports that they are not getting any other reputation apart from Cataclysm factions whilst wearing tabards from their home cities in the new heroic dungeons.
  • Player reports they automatically entered a LFR instance after being disconnected.
  • Player reports that the new dungeon quests for Botanica, Mechanar and Arcatraz do not grant Sha'tar reputation on completion.
  • Player reports that using both the Orb of Deception and the Orb of the Sin'dorei will cause the opposite factions flag to pop up on the screen before a battleground.
  • Player reports that the NPC Painmaster Thundrak for the quest They Took Our Gnomes is not appearing in the game along with his Wagon of Unending Agony.
  • Player reports that as a Druid they receive an error while trying to mount up in their night elf form in Well of Eternity, "You are in shapeshift form".
  • Player reports being unable to complete the quest Orendil's Cure in Astranaar. The NPC is present but has no icon above its head.
  • Player reports the Hunter ability Deterrence is not nulifying Death Knight Off-Hand melee strikes.
  • Player reports the Hunter ability Deterrence is not blocking the Mage ability Deep Freeze.
  • Player reports that the talent Critical Mass is not proccing off absorbed damage.
  • Player reports that Hot Streak is dispellable.
Under Investigation cont.

  • Player reports that Mirror Images are breaking the disorientate from Dragon's Breath.
  • Player reports that the interface option "Block all guild invites" will prevent the character from opening their own guild charter to form a guild.
  • Player reports that the item Crown of Destruction does not show the flame effect in their profile picture when it is used in transmogriphication.
  • Player reports Battle Standard of Coordination is despawning before the 15 minutes is up if he goes too far.
  • Player reports that Jewelcrafting bonus is no longer in balance with the other profession bonuses.
  • Player reports female Draenei appears to be leaning back and upper body is twising in an odd way.
  • Player reports being unable to complete the quest Orendil's Cure in Astranaar. The NPC is present but has no icon above its head.
  • Player reports that they were feared in Dalaran Arena through a fence then get ported back into the middle.
  • Player reports that they cannot use Path of Frost to stand on the surface of the water if they are already swimming while mounted.
  • Player reports that progress for the quests He Shoots, He Scores!, It's Hammer Time, Target: Turtle and Tonk Commander do not carry over.
  • Player reports that the quest A Noble Brew is not being offered from Zardeth of the Black Claw.
  • Player reports there is a Deadwind Widow spider running around Stormwind.
  • Player reports wearing Arion's Crown removes their moustache.
  • Player reports that Killing Spree sometimes removes any marks you might have on you during the Dragon Soul raid.
  • Player reports getting kicked out of Feral Cat form when any mob dies in Well of Eternity when they have Fandral's Flamescythe equipped.
  • Player reports that Twilight Barrage does not split the damage with the Skyfire on 10H when it is soaked up by players as indicated in the Dungeon Journal.
  • Player reports that they are unable to charge or interrupt a player casting spells on the elevator in Ring of Valor as a feral Druid.
  • Player reports that the Speaking of Rage proc from Vishanka, Jaws of the Earth only crits for 150% damage.
  • Player reports that Flight Form doesn't disppear when you enter a building straight-away.
  • Player reports that the Armory is not showing their kills correctly.
  • Player reports that the Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps tentacle will not proc as frost spec.
  • Player reports they are unable to repair from Guild Bank, amount showing as zero, even though there is more available as set by the Guld Leader.
  • Player reports that Mind Vision sometimes cancels or it recasts on nobody when casting on the same target close to you.
  • Player reports that, when using both their trinkets: Starcatcher Compass and Arrow of Time, they would only have the proc of Arrow of Time trigger.
  • Player reports that Lord Ryolith in firelands became unattackable during an attempt (showing the message 'target is friendly').
  • Player reports that Focus Fire and Rapid Fire do not seem to be adding haste or showing a haste buff.
  • Player reports that Bortega has Reagents & Poison Supplies above their name but sells neither. They also have a chat option "I need some reagents and poisons, lady" which is not needed.
  • Player reports that Pain Suppression is still using the old mechanic of granting resistance to offensive dispels.
  • Player reports that in a rated battleground if a warlock with activated fel hunter dies the first time, the imp is summoned after reviving without pet bar.
  • Player reports that when they use Vanish they are not placed into the improved state of stealth even though they are seeing the buff.
  • Player reports that they can be killed by a random explosion that appears not to be linked to the rest of the fight during a 10M Heroic Warmaster Blackhorn encounter.
  • If a Warrior uses Intercept while jumping between platforms during the Madness of Deathwing encounter, they will fall to their death.
  • Player reports phasing issue with chairs in darkshire town hall during the quest The Embalmer's Revenge.
  • Player reports an issue with Kael'thas Sunstrider's Gravity Lapse ability not working as it should during the encounter. Such as either placing the player too high up or not allowing you to float.
  • Player reports that after changing guilds they no longer receive guild reputation whilst in dungeons with other guildies.
  • Player used Shadowstep to attack a Lava Surger and ended up falling through the world.
  • Player reports that casting Health Funnel will place them into combat.
  • Player is reporting that the daze effect from the Aftermath talent does not slow Battleground vehicles.
  • Player reports that if a Warlock is in a Vehicle and has cast Dark Intent then they are forced to keep targetting the player activating the proc no matter where they are.
  • Player reports that combat pets are not resummoned after using a Minizep Controller.
  • Player reports that the glow from the eyes on the Voidheart Crown is much weaker and less defined than what it used to be.
  • Player reports that many transparent textures are now semi-opaque.
  • Player reports that it can be possible to get stuck on top of the Alliance gates as a Horde when parachuting in from the Gunship in Isle of Conquest.
  • Player reports that the bottom of Ruthless Gladiator's Linked Leggings will change to the same colour as whatever it is they are wearing on their feet.
  • Player reports that the Lightning Conduit spell is sometimes disappearing from players while moving between Crystal Conductors during heroic Hagara.
  • Player reports that their Warlock pet disappears when a Ring of Valor arena match begins.
  • Player reports that they were unable to charge target when they were on a pillar after it had lowered in Ring of Valor.
  • Player reports that their group was unable to requeue in the Well of Eternity after a member of their group left.
  • Player reports Sunstrider's Hood of Conquest is the same colour as Gul'dan's Hood of Conquest when transmogrified.
  • Player reporting several players in Battlegrounds all getting disconnected.
  • Player reports that Aftermath is not applying it's slow effect if Conflagrate damage gets absorbed.
  • Player reports that as a Hunter each time they jump between platforms during the Madness of Deathwing encounter their pet loses all its buffs. It also seems to not jump with you and instead is summoned with low health (like when you dismount).
  • Player reports Empowered Touch does not refresh Life Bloom in instances.
  • Player reports that as a Subtlety or Combat rogue their Deadly Poison stack resets when it hits 5 stacks. As Assassination it doesn't.
  • Players relogging during Random Battleground are not awarded the bonus honor for winning.
  • Player reports that during the quest Call of Duty, players may see the start of the conversation between the guards on the dock but, halfway through, no longer be able to see the event proceed or otherwise continue with the quest.
    Workaround: Unfortunately, Customer Support are currently unable to assist with this issue so we advise you move on to another area (such as Mount Hyjal) and return to the zone once these quest issues are fixed.★
  • The quest An Embarassing Incident has a spelling mistake, it should be "An Embarrassing Incident".
  • Player reports that after re-speccing, Earth Shield does not get removed.
  • Mounting a Stabled Darnassian Nightsaber for the quest Among the Champions will place you on a white Swift Moonsaber instead.
  • Player reports that Unstable Monstrosity is not lasting as long as it should during the Ultraxion fight.
  • Player reports they are disconnected when they use Feral Charge under certain circumstances.
  • Player reports Hood of the Malefic sprouts wings when they jump.
  • Player reports that after Bladestorming, if a Warrior is hit with Deep Freeze then they do not take damage.
  • Player reports that the Heart of Flame did not appear even though they had all the essences, debuff and did not die.
  • Player reports that if they disconnect in a battleground and re-join it, the game is counting a victory as if you joined the battleground specifically rather than if you queued up randomly.
  • Player reports running or jumping near walls force disconnects them.
  • Player reports the mirror image summoned from the firehawk two set bonus attacks mobs that have not been pulled.
  • Player reports the camera angle doesnt always go back to behind the character when in the Maw-Like areas of the Dragon soul for Warlord Zon'ozz and Yor'sahj the Unsleeping.
Under Investigation cont.

  • Player reports that if a Gurthalak tentacle is still active when all Majordomo Executus's adds are dead then it prevents the fight ending.
  • Player reports that Alizabal's door stays shut after encounter.
  • Death runes are not returned in Blood or Frost runes when used to cast Scourge Strike after switching talents from Frost to Unholy.
  • Player reports getting stuck in combat when they are near the Stonehearth area of Deepholm.
  • Player reports recieving disconnects after placing someone on follow. The player who is on follow will be disconnected within 5 to 15 seconds.
  • Player reports that when Deadly Throw is used, they are disconnected from the game and are forced to re-log.
  • Player reports the Turbo-Charged Flying Machine has several errors with sound when taking off or landing in areas where it is a flying mount.
  • Player report consistently disconnecting when walking off an elevator in Serpentshrine Cavern.
  • Player reports that they'll be kicked out of a battleground randomly with the message "your group has been disbanded" while they are mid-combat.
  • Player reports that Vengeance is still proccing in PVP with pet abilities and Scatter Shot.
  • Player reports that you are unable to switch to flight form when jumping out of the water.
  • Player reports that when the Volcano buff occurs it is putting the Lava Burst ability on cool-down.
  • Player reports that they are able to get multiple Scale of Sands rings from Soridormi and Brood of Nozdormu rings from Anachronos if they already have one in Void Storage.
  • Player reports that Bloodfang Spaulders do not become invisible while stealthed.
  • Player is having trouble casting Death Pact after summoning a ghoul, getting error "target must be bound to you".
  • Player reports that the boss encounters in the Dragon Soul raid suffer from 'random' interruptions on channelled spells, with no obvious source for the interruption.
  • Player reports that the buff from Kiril, Fury of the Beasts, causes issues with the speed buff during the Heroic Morchok fight.
  • Player reports that when completing the quest Wetter than Wet, they get the same cat form action bar issues as Darkmoon Faire when leaving naga form.
  • Player reports that the auto-attack for the pet does not work on the quests The Warm Up and Into the Pit.
  • Player reports that Blood Worms do not behave correctly when fighting bosses with large hit boxes and no back area.
  • Player reports that Dark Iron nodes do not show up on the mini-map when using Mining tracking.
  • Vile Fumigator's Mask is apparently having graphical issues when worn by Goblin females.
  • Player reports that the order of destinations for teleport spells is different to the order for portal spells.
  • Player reports that the language button appears in a lower resolution than the other buttons on the log in screen.
  • Player reports that during the Madness of Deathwing fight if a tentacle falls below 90% while the majority of the group is on another platform, the add will get 100 stacks of Burning Blood and wipe the group.
  • Player reports that Fathom Eel pools are not spawning as frequently as they should in the southern waters of Uldum.
  • Player reports that items in his bags and bank are losing durability even though they are not taking damage.
  • Player reports that when they enter a dungeon they will appear in a different version to the rest of their group.
  • Player reporting that when a female undead casts a spell it shows as coming out of their wrist and not their hand.
  • Player reports that there is a gap between male Tauren's hands and their weapon when doing a cast animation.
  • Player reports that some mobs are glowing strange colours.
  • Player reports that the flag in Warsong Gulch and Twin Peaks has difficulties in being returned.
  • Player reports that when checking which glyphs are still needed to be learnt on the armory it is only showing the ones for their class.
  • Player reports that blade rush is doing damage outside of the path shown on the floor and hitting players who are not stood in the path.
  • Player reports that the resolution for the item Spiritual Barrier is really low.
  • Player reports that the snare-immune Ice Tombs during the Hagara fight do not proc Fingers of Frost or Brain Freeze.
  • Player reports Blinking while jumping between platforms in the Madness of Deathwing encounter can kill Mage characters.
  • Player reports that if they are on the loading screen when someone starts a fight in a LFR instance, they will be disconnected and then cannot enter after reconnecting.
  • Player reports Muyoh <Disciple of Naralex> may not respawn if killed in Wailing Caverns.
  • Player reports the guild meta achievement Horde Slayer is not properly tracking completed objectives.
  • Player reports that Holy Word: Sanctuary is not affected by Haste.
  • Player reports that a firewall is preventing them from entering the snake room during the quest Dun-da-Dun-tah!.
  • Player reports they still have the Mature Language Filter issue where they have to turn it off everytime they log in.
  • Player reports that the texture for the item Mail Combat Headguard is displaying the wrong texture for male and female Worgen.
  • Player reports that the Trained Firehawk was not available for the quest Fire in the Skies.
  • Player reports that the Fiery Warhorse still has texture issues with it's horns, mask, stirrups, skulls, hooves and legs.
  • Player reports that the size of a weapon decreases when they're not being wielded for Undead males.
  • Player reports that Kelek Skykeeper can be found in two places.
  • Player reports that the right hand is larger that the left when casting spells.
  • Player reports that Captain Balinda Stonehearth can be pulled out of her building.
  • Player reports that the Soul Devourer mobs are diminished in size.
  • Player reports that demolisher vehicles in Strand of the Ancients can only have one slow effect present on them at any time. This prevents a slow effect from being re-applied.
  • Player reports entering a demolisher while carrying a bomb and getting completely stuck. The only way to get out is to wait until it is destroyed.
  • Player reports being disconnected when clicking on the troll slaves during the quest Good Help is Hard to Find.
  • Player reports that Yogg-Saron fails to play his death animation when defeated.
  • Player reports that some thrown weapons have animation issues when thrown.
  • Player reports that the Blood Elf Male model has a different skin tone to their body than on their face for all face options except the first one.
Under Investigation cont.

  • Player reports that if Shadowy Apparitions spawn too far from the target and never deal damage, they'll stop spawning. Reloging/zoning can fix this.
  • Player reports that they are friendly with Netherwing and Dragonmaw, but the Dragonmaw are becoming hostile.
  • Player reports that while running holding down forward and the turn right button aswell as holding down the right mouse button and moving right with the mouse will disconnect you.
  • Player reports Winged Steed of the Ebon Blade not working in battlegrounds and some other areas.
  • Player reports that Ysera has the old generic model during the quest Slash and Burn instead of her new unique model.
  • Player reports shields are scaled smaller on Tauren Males when sheathed and unsheathed.
  • Player reports skipping the quest cinematic during Twilight Shores results in the player falling to their death.
  • Player reports that using the ability Shadow Dance seems to despawn Lord Geoffery Tulvan.
  • Player reports that teams are able to spawn halfway into the Blade's Edge Arena at the start of the match.
  • Player reports that Windrunner's Bow and Vishanka, Jaws of the Earth are breaking much faster than normal - about 10% per dungeon, even without dying.
  • Player reports that trying to purify the meat from the quest Helboar, the Other White Meat with a full inventory, causes the meat to be deleted.
  • Player reports Vampiric Embrace is not healing as intended, or barely healing.
  • Player reports that they do not get Volatile Air from Electrostatic Condenser.
  • Player is unable to roll need on an item when the random enchants are ones he cannot use.
  • Player reports that whenever they hit something that is angled a bit upwards, let it be terrain or just some random objects like boxes, 90 degrees there, they get disconnected.
  • Player reports that upon zoning into LFR, numerous members of this group got the error "you are not in this instances group" and got repeatedly ported out.
  • Player reports that Small Flame Sac now only drops from one mob.
  • Player reports that Rank 2 Nightstalker is not reducing Stealth's cooldown.
  • Player reports that the achievement Tower Plower is not completing even though the siege engines deployed by the player are the only ones that have attacked / destroyed one of the towers in Tol Barad.
  • Glyph of Path of Frost may not be increasing the fall distance death knights can travel without taking damage.
  • Player reports that in Lost City of the Tol'vir, if you are in a body of water and attempt to leave the instance by teleporting out of it using the Dungeon Finder, it fails and you are told you cannot leave while in combat.
  • Player reports they can blink behind the wall in the Stormwind Dwarven District Auction House.
  • Player reports the camera for cutscene on quest Patriarch's Blessing might be viewing incorrect location.
  • Player reports that Huntress Kella Nightbow talks about Auberdine while on quest Newfound Allies.
  • Player reports that Battle Standard of Coordination is not increasing the guild reputation from certain boss kills or stacking with Renowned Guild Tabard.
  • Player reports that the item Stylin' Crimson Hat is causing the hair and horns on a Draenai to disappear.
  • Tauren models get stuck going up or down the stairs at the Pleasure Palace Azshara.
Commonly Reported Issues That Are Not Bugs.

There are many issues that are repeatedly reported in this forum that are not considered bugs and should not be posted here in this forum.

Please check this list before making a new post in this forum. Many issues that appear to be bugs are actually intended functionality or should be reported in other places.

1. Realms are down or crashing.
Example: Players cannot get past “Authenticating” or the Hyjal Realm is not currently online.

    Blizzard Technicians continually monitor all of our realms and work to resolve issues as quickly as possible. QA does not have information about realm status. Information regarding realm status can be viewed at the Service Status Forum: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/1028280

2. Exploits, Cheats and Hacks.
Example: Several players are using cheats to win PVP.

3. Forum Avatar levels and guilds do not match in-game characters.
Example: In-game character is level 70, forum avatar is level 63.

    The Forum information is not updated in real time, it can often take weeks before avatar information is updated. You can read more information about this issue here: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/blog/1400553

4. Armory Information is incorrect/incomplete/out of date.
Example: The Armory page does not list a characters correct guild.

    Errors in Armory information should be reported via e-mail at WoWArmory@blizzard.com.

5. “Impossible” simultaneous actions.
Examples: Rogue Vanish being broken by attacks, Two Mages polymorphing each other, Paladin Divine Shield being dispelled as it is cast.

    Because of the Client-Server nature of the game it is possible for two mutually exclusive actions to occur at the same time resulting in some unexpected behaviour. Although efforts are made to minimize these situations they will still happen on occasion.

6. NPCs and player pets attack stealthed players.
Example: A hunter sends its pet after a druid who then uses Prowl, the pet continues to chase and attack the druid after it has entered stealth.

    Stealth is not intended to be an escape mechanic, Vanish should be used to escape combat in these situations. If you feel this should be changed please post your feedback in the appropriate forum section.

7. No experience, loot or quest credit for mobs killed exclusively by pets or totems.
Example: A shaman uses Fire Nova Totem to kill several quest NPCs and gets no credit.

    This is an intended behaviour, a player must do damage to an NPC for it to give credit.

8. Guards in Capital Cities can see through Vanish.
Example: You are in an enemy city and have been spotted, using Vanish does not take you out of combat.

    Guards will be able to see through Vanish and continue pursuing you until you have either run out of range or have been killed. This applies for other classes as well when using abilities such as Feign Death and Sanctuary.

9. Bortega is male but has a female voice.

    Even though Bortega is a male orc, when you speak to the NPC the audio is female. This is actually intended and the NPC's original gossip text explained the reason.
    No, you aren't hearing things. I actually do have the voice of a young orc woman. But you listen here, [gender], time travel does strange things to a body. By the way, it's 250 years.

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