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So, today i was doing some arenas with my team mate, and we get Blade's Edge Arena. Everything cool, but when the door opens we had the other team right on top of us. I know its "impossible" to get across the arena like in 1 second, so this is some kind of exploit or bug, and though abusing from a bug. But still we won that arena. I have screen-shots of them, their name and realm, i can post if needed.

I don't have the time on the chat but you can see in the buffs they still have full duration, and i already was with a lot of debuffs. We were attacked right in the moment when the doors opened, but i didn't take a screen-shot there because me and my team mate were trying to understand what was going on, and how they get to us.
Their names and realm are on the screen-shot of the end of the arena.

Sorry if this have some errors, but English is not my mother language.

Found similar topic on US forums:
Stranglethorne Fishing Extravaganza simply did not begin, Argent Dawn server, 25 March 2012. NPCs spawned, but no announcement by zone-wide /yell, and no spawn of Tastyfish Pools, as of 14h20.
25/03/2012 13:18Posted by Fyne
Stranglethorne Fishing Extravaganza simply did not begin, Argent Dawn server, 25 March 2012. NPCs spawned, but no announcement by zone-wide /yell, and no spawn of Tastyfish Pools, as of 14h20.

It was as we expected Fyne... Daylight Savings Time was not applied to the quest, hence it started an hour late. Hopefully you stuck around a while!!
Hello I encountered a BuG on my alt.
Wile doing dungeons as a lvl 79 tank in Northrend,
I got reputation with the horde expedition (all 4 subs).

At this time, I did NOT have a tabard equipped.
So i tried it out and when I was wearing the Bilgewater Cartel tabard,
I got reputation for all the Horde factions
(BC, Ogrimmar, Silvermoon City, undercity,...)

But not horde expedition reputation,
So the tabard exchanged the gaining of the 2 faction sorts,

But i don't know if this is intended?
Bug time :)

I noticed while leveling in the gilneas part of the forsaken quest line right after i got there on the ride with the val'kyr that the first mob i killed (as normal) put me in combat, while the target died however it didnt put me OUT of combat for the whole zone i was stuck in combat had to die 3 times to get my quest giver to spawn near me, for the last quests where you run to get to godfrey, this was anoying since i had to kill myself AGAIN when i wanted to turn my quest in after getting to godfrey my quest giver was just gone!
Now still when i kill a mob i won't go out of combat everytime i want to get something done while phased i have to kill myself in order to get my phased quest giver to spawn this is really bugging me out.

Hope this gets fixed anytime soon, or atleast taken a look at.

Windrunner's Bow seems to be loosing durability at an abnormally fast rate.
During the quest Helboar, the Other White Meat, if trying to purificate the meat with a full inventory, the meat gets deleted for some reason.

i fell down behind this boat and my horse automatically threw me off..cudnt get up afterwards :I cant swim beneath it either..i know u can hearth away from this but as u can see ..i cudnt xD even though that, it still shouldnt happen.
My Priest has specced into the Shadow talent Vampiric Embrace.

This does not appear to be providing any healing whatsoever. It's not healing for 0 or anything - it appears to simply never trigger, despite the fact it should trigger everytime I deal single target Shadow damage.
Alliance Vanguard reputation can't be moved to inactive in the reputation tab.
Akkadian It is part of the same issue and is being looked into. :)

Krispy, Leylin Thanks for the report! I have passed it on and updated our front page.

Sheldork This is working as intended. :) If you do not equip a tabard then you will automatically gain Northrend rep when you enter any Wrath of the Lich King dungeon.

Bmpfull Please could you give me the name of the quest you were experiencing this issue with and I can investigate further.

Archaos, Doomsinger Thanks for the report! This has already been reported previously and is currently under investigation.

Taeldor In situations where a player finds themselves stuck, we would need accurate co-ordinates when reporting it.

Hadjion This is due to it being a group of reputations rather than a specific faction. As such you will not be able to move it to inactive.
I also noticed that pressing escape a little early on the spine of deathwing fight, before starting it, gets you stuck on the boat. I pressed escape at the moment the raid leader started the fight. You'll get in combat. Our raid wiped with a healer less, so I don't know what happens if they killed the boss. I even got deadly boss mods warnings. After they wiped, I was still stuck. The only thing I could do was heartstone. Hope I don't report something already known :P
Sorry Tailyda, I had checked but I couldn't find that bug mentioned.

I'll look harder in future. :(
How often does this happen Leylin?

It wasn't listed on the front page Doomsinger which is why you didn't know. :) I've added it there for you now though. ^^
I have had the same disconnect problem as most people when running near walls or objects sticking out of the ground, but now I am playing my rogue it is even worse. Especially in the battle for gilneas which has some objects on the ground at waterworks. If I use shadowstep on someone who happens to be standing near one of these objects then I will get disconnected
There's a gamebreaking bug that has been around for years. What kind of programmers do you have that haven't been able to fix it in so long time? When you stand on flagspot in WSG or TP sometimes you can't cap it, sometimes it doesn't even help to step down from flagspot and on it. It's very gamebreaking, especially in rated bg. :(
Druids do not see a shield displayed on the cast bar of Paladins under the effect of Aura Mastery.

It's not just Druids, it happens on my Shadow Priest as well. And it also isn't just for Aura Mastery, it's for any type of shielded cast such as Hunters.
I was under the (perhaps) wrong impression, but I thought the issue with the gauntlet at the end of Hour of Twilight, i.e., Bishop Benedictus failing to spawn, and consequently the gauntlet resets and you have to do the whole thing again, was hot-fixed (January 9th, 4.3 patchnotes). And yet it happened to my group a couple of days ago. Its not gamebreaking, just rather annoying, and was the second time it had ever occurred in a dungeon I was in.

Thanks :)

(also, less male draenei bashing on the forums generally - we're awesome! :( )
Engineering item "Electrostatic Condenser" seems to be not working. made it like week ago and haven't got a single Volatile Air yet from skinning of hundreds of beasts.
29/03/2012 13:01Posted by Tailyda
I've added it there for you now though. ^^

Sorry for constantly bugging you, however what you added is slightly misleading.

Vampiric Embrace neither heals the group nor does it heal the Priest himself. It's also certainly not limited to dungeons. The talent has done nothing since I specced into it.

07/04/2012 EDIT: I did Well of Eternity an hour ago. For the first time ever, I got buffed with the Vampiric Embrace talent and it was healing as it should be. Ten minutes later it randomly winked out of existence, never to be seen again. I wasn't even aware the talent displays as a buff, because that's the first time it ever did anything...

1. The talent is always in my spellbook.
2. I am unaware of any special circumstances that would have triggered this.
3. I was not changing spec; I stayed in Shadow for the entire dungeon.

I'm hoping this is in some way useful to the debuggers trying to track down the cause. :-)

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