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I haven't really thought it through, but doesn't it seem fun if, when Christmas comes, the Goblin engineers would make some nice snowramps and hills to ski upon? They can be easily made in Aszhara? make it into a daily holiday event?

Think it's a wonderful idea and could work.
I want to ski in WoW! :(

It would be cool if/when they make updates to the Winter Veil holiday event. I don't think we'd see it this year though. I think they put most of their work into updating the Haloween event (and making the new Darkmoon Faire).

On a slightly unrelated note: If you go to Dun Morogh, on Ironforge's western mountainside, then you can see a couple of dwaves who's sledging down the mountain (and then pulling their sledges back up again, and repeating). No skiing though :P

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