Fury deep wound damage

Fury deep wound damage dropped by quite a lot since 4.3 went on live.From being 15-16% of our dmg done it is now at 8-10%.

Is there any confirmation that this is a bug and if it is,does blizzard intend to fix it?

Having both the 5% nerf and the dw "bug" nerf makes fury warrior feel quite underpowered to the rest of the melee classes.
i made a post about something similar- fury feeling "weaker" compared to 4.2 and vs other classes- got 4 feedback posts suggesting the warr dmg is "fine"-
i can only report from my guild and all the warriors dpsers felt quite a decent loss in dps.

fishing for more feedback still since im paying attention to my new main- i have rerolled so not in the loop atm.
All the logs i checked point at the same direction,for some reason dw dmg is very low.I'm also fishing for some kind of confirmation, maybe even an answer from an admin saying they noticed, and it is intenional/bug.
I felt exactly the same yesterday - although I'm hoping it's just pure paranoia. :p
on a side note ; looking at the simcraft numbers, which hisotrically have been extremely accurate, its quite discouraging , specially since its a start of a new tier.
Lets see how hm progression logs will look like.
Same for me, usualy in 4.2 DW counted for 13/15% of my damage, yesterday 8% in average.

Idk but it affect arms too?
I had the same problem the ticks went with cooldowns max to 8k pre-patch with cd's they where 20k
01/12/2011 16:42Posted by Ixistillixi
Idk but it affect arms too?
I think it does.
do u think its better to go 3/3 in incite now or 3/3 deep wounds?
My max ticks has dropped from 39k to 14k since this patch launcher (14k is the max on dw btw) so i can see a stealthnerf in play, blizz gonna blizz.
Yes, no doubt about it. Stealth nerf or bug. If it's a stealth nerf i'm gonna violently vomit on this company and everything that it stands for. Average deep wound tick on madness was 4k. hmmmmmmm.
Off-topic: I like how your character looks, Neekko.

On-topic: I'll see tomorrow how things go as Prot. I don't have any logs I can compare to, but I think I can notice if there is a difference.
Confirming, dw felt really low during the raid.
DW is way lower then it used to be made me lol wen I saw with cooldowns max 6.3k ticks
pre-patch with cooldowns there went to 16k ticks wen poppin cooldowns
I think we can do a simple test to find out whether this is being caused due to a direct nerf, or due to the way Deep Wounds works.

Currently, the DW stack damage increases every time you deal a Crit, which leads to bigger and bigger ticks. I believe that the problem we are facing here is that the DW stack is not getting updated properly, i.e it may be failing to update when a Crit happens, or rather it may be that the DW stack is getting overwritten perhaps.

Both cases are causes for worry. Especially if its the second one, which means that the mechanic has been changed without Warriors being told about it, which is frankly very very annoying.

There was also a post on EJ, where the OP has posted this same topic for discussion, which talks about how Precision's 40% AA damage increase is no longer affecting Deep Wounds.

From what I've looked at for Arms, DW still remains, on an average, 9-10% of my damage. There hasn't been any change reported by Prot Warriors for that matter as well, so this has to be a Fury specific change.

In any case, I hope some Fury Warrior with detailed logs to support will be able to post a Bug Report about this.

P.S Let's hope you do get this fixed, unlike Overpower. But from what experience we Arms Warriors have had regarding getting Overpower fixed, I believe you are in for a very long and hard battle.
Yep, Deep Wounds has been registering as but...5-7% of my damage done over the course of the past couple of nights 4.3, as Fury. Live tests and dummy tests, DW is certainly not performing how it should be. The stack not getting updated could well be the problem, and yeah, it's quite a concerning one.

I'd LIKE to think this is just some unintentional bug, as this nerf brings us far and beyond the 5%(which was an appropriate nerf for us-we needed a little tuning down.) But this Deep Wounds nerf is pretty enormous for not being told anything, so I'm going to err in the side of optimism here(I'll likely get bitten in the rear end for this) and say that it may just be some unintentional thing(that I'd still like to see fixed.)

Though it working normally for Arms and Prot worries me. I did notice while tanking I wasn't having a problem with it.

Really, if this is a stealth nerf, it's pretty huge and IMO rather un-needed on top of the damage nerf. I really, really, despise stealth nerfs and changes. If you're going to nerf an extra ability of ours by an immense amount, just tell us so we aren't poring over our logs and wondering why our damage is sorta messed up compared to how much it should be lowered by.
Blue answer:
In 4.3, we fixed a bug where Deep Wounds was benefiting from the 40% auto attack bonus from Precision. Deep Wounds should only be triggered by crits, not passive damage.

We also found a bug introduced in 4.3 (and reported by several players) that Deep Wounds was not triggered by attacks such as Heroic Leap, Intercept and most importantly, Raging Blow. We are deploying a hotfix to fix that bug.

Deep Wounds should not benefit from spell enchants, such as Avalanche. In general, enchant procs should not have synergistic effects with talents or class mechanics.

From what we have seen so far, Fury’s damage is still where we want it to be in 4.3. We will see how things change as more data comes in. If we think Fury’s damage needs to increase through Deep Wounds or some other mechanic, we will be sure to do so.


thank god it doesn't affect arms /phew

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