Click-to-move issue with interactible NPCs in 4.3

Interface and Macros

I like to have the "click to move" option turned on, so that if I try to speak to an NPC who is slightly out of range, I will move towards them automatically and then speak. I've always played with this option on.

In 4.3 it seems that you can now interact with an NPC by either left-clicking or right-clicking, where previously you had to right-click to interact, and left-clicking would merely target them without interacting.

This causes me an issue in conjunction with click-to-move, because now whenever I left-click to target an NPC (which would previously have merely targeted them without making me move), I run towards the NPC. There seems to be no way now to click to target the NPC without running towards them (unless I turn off click-to-move altogether, of course, which I don't want to do).

Is there any way to get the previous click-to-move functionality back? Ie:

Left-click to target without moving.
Right-click to interact, moving automatically towards the target if necessary.
Interface -> Controls -> Interact on Left Click

Uncheck it.
Lovely, thank you.

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