Feral: how to kill a holy paladin or a resto shaman?


So, I went feral after my favorite resto spec became almost unusable in PvP due to survivability, throughput and utility issues. My feral gear isn't the best, but it's quite good: a full ilevel 378 PvP set, 2 pieces of ilevel 390 set, a 378 PvE weapon and a good PvE trinket. I'm probably not the best feral druid in the world, but have some experience and more or less know what to do.

Usually I don't have a problem killing other players, sometimes I even get lucky and manage to kill decent frost mages, I can kill a resto druid (lol, who can't?) and a disc priest, although the latter takes a while and requires good timing. It's holy paladins and resto shamans that I can't kill: equally or even worse geared paladins or shamans seem to be able to easily outheal whatever damage I do, despite I charge/interrupt on CD, and don't seem to run out of mana. Yesterday I caught a lonely holy paladin and went all out on him for ~5 minutes, but he just stood still and /lol at me: his health would never go below 70% and his mana was always full. Eventually his teammates came and killed me.

This is pretty much what I'm having with both holy paladins and resto shamans: they take minuscule damage and never run out of mana, despite I stun and/or interrupt them every other time they attempt to cast a big heal. So, my question is: how do you kill them as feral?
Do you want me to post an answer from my Feral or from my Holy pally? :-)

Either way... haven't played my pally neither my feral since 4.3, but before that - my cat was my only toon that could go after healers and down them with some effort.
You just need to build up your attack - line up the bleeds, the stuns, the interrupts, the combo points, the regen.

Many people are upset with the current situation, but that's because healers were an easy prey in PvP for so long. As a person who plays resto and holy pala in PvP for quite a long time, gotta say that being a "free kill" for EVERY DPS regardless of gear and skill - was kinda stupid.
Actually, I wouldn't call any healer, with the exception of a resto druid of course, a free kill. Heck, even a skilled resto druid can give a hard time to a single DPS, a skilled disc priest can hold his ground as well. It's just that holy paladins and resto shamans seem to have it the easy way against feral druids: I try to do my best with damage, bleeds, burst and offensive cooldowns, stuns and interrupts, but at the end when all bleeds are ticking and all my abilities are on cooldown I just see them with [almost] full health bar and mana, as if they don't really need any effort to stay alive. It feels like hitting a brick wall, you know :(
had many pleasant matches in last arena season with my friend resto shaman, me as feral
our favorite opponent team is holy paladin - ret paladin, just nevernding fun.

To be short average time of such a match would be around 40 minutes.
some took way longer.
win only when someone makes a big mistake.
I know 2v2 is not balanced bla bla, doesnt change the fact you cant really kill a holy paladin/resto shaman in 2v2 :)
Any 2v2 against a healer can take a very long time if his partner can peel. My concern is that I can put pressure on a resto druid or a disc priest no problem, sometimes they manage to survive but get really low on health and spend quite a bit of mana in the process, but seem to do no considerable damage to a resto shaman or a holy paladin, their health just doesn't drop below a certain margin, let's say 70%, and they can survive my hits indefinitely.
I think you shouldn't try killing the holy paladin but instead cc him while killing his dps partner, since they get a lot more heals from melees attacking them and they are just the most immortal healers out of all healer classes. I don't know does the same go for shaman, but when I used to do arena I cced him while trying to kill dps like with holy paladin. Resto shamans need to hardcast a lot, and focus interrupt is great against them.
hpal especially we struggle to take down. 1v1 ignore them, 2v2 dps the dps and get cc chains on the go. it used to frustrate me as well, but i think is kinda fair enough to have a healer we struggle with, just need to accept we can't zerg everyone.
To actually kill a holy pally you need to be able to force a bubble without popping berserk. Main issues come from him being able to bubble the first berserk then hand of protection the second. If you can force either of these without zerking then you've got him.

As for resto shammies, not too sure. I sorta just pop berserk and hope for the best :P

(This is from a 1v1, Tol'Barad and BG point of view btw. For arenas you wanna cc a healer and nuke his buddy instead.)
Blood DK is a real problem to kill, makes insain dmg as a tank-role and insain healing..
as a feral with healer in 2v2 it so totaly crap to meet holy pala + blood dk
cuz it take forever to down anyone of them

if you go pala and close to a kill the dk just death grip you on max distance so you cant charge back in

if you go dk you need some help with the dps sametime kite so he cant death strike and cc healer
as a feral with healer in 2v2 it so totaly crap to meet holy pala + blood dk
cuz it take forever to down anyone of them

if you go pala and close to a kill the dk just death grip you on max distance so you cant charge back in

if you go dk you need some help with the dps sametime kite so he cant death strike and cc healer
I'm by no means the best feral ever, but I can help! :)

Holy paladins I find are killable, but it also depends on your comp. If you play with a disc priest time your 5Points Maim with fear on the DPS so you can burn them. Pallys are really succeptable to CC, so use that to your advantage! Keep full bleeds up for max damage, once they hit 50%, pop everything, zerk+trink and once you shred them to 35-40% Put a FULL maim on them, fear the DPS and go mental, shred him with FB, tell your partner to join in with Holyl Fire/ Mind spike etc etc.

For Resto Shamans it can be really hard, we tend to beat resto shamans by going EXTREMELY hard and offensive on them at the start. I'm talking get your partner to go ape, you go ape and just ruin them. Don't give them any time and force them to trink/NS early on. From there just pump damage and use mana burn to not give them an inch of space to cast. Once you get them into a full maim/stun you really can kill them. In all honesty, in 2's it is unbalanced and resto shamans are a PAIN!
well u fking cant
01/07/2016 13:21Posted by Voluntärx
well u fking cant

Wow, what a pointless necro. Post is 5 years old and the comment before you is from 4 years ago...

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