Dump thread for referral purposes (FL tactics)

Boss specific tips:

1) Shannox: Abuse heroic leap and cleave on normal mode. Timing these 2 abilities when all 3 targets are in range is a significant boost to dps. Even when only 1 of the dogs is close you should use cleave over any other ability (ragewise) besides bloodthirst. It's a dps increase. Obviously use intercept or heroic fury + intercept to quickly get back to targets that are being kited away. Be sure to have runspeed enchanted on boots (lavawalker). Whine at your priests for runspeed shields.

2) Beth'ilac: When going up it’s pretty straightforward: Ignore all the whining healers and go up as soon as you can. Save heroic leap (+ ww) for when you’re down and use it on the packs of critters. Ideally you want to replace 3 heroic strikes with cleaves in the time before going down so that your whirlwind will do maximum damage. If you’re not on top duty pretty much follow the multiple target guidelines which are found earlier in this thread.

3) Lord Ryolith: While we can't beat the ranged here due to being on the legs most of the time it's never a dps loss if you heroic leap into the aoe pack and intercept to the targetted leg straight away. Cleaving the legs is obviously very viable if you have enough rage but the main priority is moving the boss properly. Make sure that you have all cooldowns available when he goes into phase 2. Keeping your meat cleaver buff during this fight isn’t a bad idea as you’ll frequently get the opportunity to throw in a whirlwind on the aoe mobs.

4) Alysrazor: Mount up before the fight. After the knockback run towards the spot where the boss comes for maximum uptime on damage. This way it's actually useful to pop recklessness+dw+trinket+prepot in this fight. As soon as the boss flies up take 1 feather after the air people went up. Take a 2nd and 3rd whenever he does the landing phase and go pick up some rings whenever the initiaties are perfectly under control. DW should be ready again for the zerg phase. Don't forget to run through as many rings as you can during the tornado phase. If you're a bit lame you can get 2 feathers during the first landing and actually make it to the maximum buff. Have 2 dks death grip the adds into Alysrazor during the burn phase and cleave away. Keep in mind that you can fill in empty gcds with whirlwind as you should have infinite rage anyways. Don't forget inner rage. Interrupt an initiate atleast every 30 seconds to keep up your 5% damage buff. Use recklessness and Apparatus before you reach 24 stacks or it’s going to be totally wasted. If youre on initiates duty you should use your first death wish on the 2nd initiate while switching to hatchling with intercept and leap on 3rd initiate to maximise uptime. It will still be back up for the burn phase.

5) Baleroc: Pretty straightforward. Remember to spam heroic strike while you're taking the crystal damage as you'll be getting quite a bit of extra rage. Don't forget to use heroic leap on cooldown. We can actually top this fight.
6) Majordomo: Stand behind one of the pincers in order to avoid parries and still get the cleave. After your recklessness has finished you should have enough time to move in front of the boss and get the first cleave.
Save up some rage when he goes into cat form so that you have cleaves ready as soon as the adds spawn. Try to time 2 heroic leaps in this phase. The first one should hit 2 targets, the second one should hit 3 or 4 depending on your guild's dps.
If you don't have a warrior in this phase remember to use colossus smashes on the boss in order to keep the sunder buff up on him. When colossus smash isn't up focus on the add and cleave the boss as the add is a lower level mob and sports less armor.
After this second heroic leap save your next one so that if you get a bit lucky (and have a reasonably long timer) you can use heroic leap and intercept back during the next scorpion phase when your debuff reaches 2 seconds. Don’t pop death wish if you have a timer under 30 seconds (as you won’t have heroic leap either) on the exploding seed phase.
On the mushroom phase your ranged is probably going to push out less damage and more spiritadds will be up. This is your chance: Save up heroic leap, recklessness should be ready again. Save up maximum rage, pop inner rage and cleave the 3-4 adds that will be up near the end of this phase. Sub 20% remember to refresh executioner stacks by executing the boss but besides that sticking to add dps.

7) Ragnaros. This boss is a pure gem for warriors. Have someone in your guild announce the traps (healers like this anyways) and spam away your rage just before they're activating it to prevent getting capped. Use heroic leap every cooldown during p1. During the first add phase you'll probably have Apparatus and DW up again. Don't use DW in this phase. Save it. Use apparatus to have some extra burst on the adds if your guild needs it. Remember that you have 2 intercepts.
Pop Death Wish immediately after the first add phase (this way you’ll have it up a bit before the 3rd wave of seeds).
During p2 save up your heroic leap. Try to have 3/3 Meat Cleaver up just before the Adds pop out of the seeds (this means you're replacing some heroic strikes with cleaves) in order to have a massive whirlwind -> heroic leap -> cleave -> whirlwind combo keep targeting the boss at all times so that you never lose your rage income.
Repeat the same for the second one During the AOE phase keep targetting ragnaros so that you get solid rage incoming.
On the third one you should have recklessness+dw ready. Pop them as soon as the adds spawn and get astonished on how powerful heroic leap is in this situation. 250k instant damage isn't rare at this moment. Add 2 whirlwinds with about 100% crit to that and you'll be on the top of the meters at this moment.
We pop heroism on the 2nd add phase to make things smooth. It's probably a good moment to use your second potion after the fire adds die and you're nuking down the bigg adds (+ cleaving the boss most likely). Again don't forget heroic leap on cooldown.
Last phase. Pretty straightforward single target nuking. You might get another recklessness by the end of the phase, if so, you can decide to delay the death wish a bit but in our case this wasn't necessary. Blame ranged dps for being horrible if they don’t knock your meteors away, ideally try to stand close to a ranged dps so that they’ll die too if they refuse to serve you
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