[A] SFB: 5/8 HC T13 25m [3days] LF R shammy

Looking for Players – PvE
Hello and welcome,
Thank you for your interest with <Shadowforest Brotherhood>

At the time of writing we are 5/8 HC in Dragonsoul.

About the Guild and what we can offer:

Since being created in 2007; SFB has achieved respectable progress through our raiding ever since. We have a wide range of ages and personalities in our solid core group of raiders, as well as a healthy social base on Dragonblight EU.

We believe that we are in a perfect balance between successful, efficient raiding on heroic level and more social approach, allowing time for other commitments, both in and outside of the game.

We are a semi-hardcore raiding Guild. EPGP is currently used to distribute loot. We are however raiding less than any other Guild on the Realm with similar level of progress, only having 3 nights a week dedicated for raids. Our main accomplishments we are proud of are:
* Realm top 10 in tier8 and tier9
* Realm #7 in tier10
* Realm #2 Glory of the Icecrown Raider 25m
* Realm #4 in tier11, Realm #2 25m

We raid 25m content. This is our main focus!
10m raids are also being held for those who seek more challenges, allowing us to advance further into the content or gain raiding experience on alts during regular alt raids.

We can also offer a respectable PvP environment, as we possess 2 active Guild Rated Battleground teams: One of dedicated PvP players and one composed of PvE players. Main team has achieved:
* Realm #1 RBG rating, with above 2.3k average.
* Many Arena teams on level up to Gladiators.

We persist in the search for more challenges. Many players within are dedicated collectors of In-game Achievements, which has been shown on a Guild level as well. Achieving such feats as:
* World top #40 (realm #1) Guild Achievement rank at the end of patch 4.1
* Realm #1 achievement rank at the end of WotLK

Finally, we hold occasional social events and activities. Such as, races across Azeroth or the guildie of the month challenge, offering non-conventional competition and fun, while rewarding with profitable guild rank and other beneficial prizes.

What is expected of you:

* A high level of attendance for all raids, while we understand not everyone can make absolutely all of our raids; we require long time attendance not lower than 80%.

* Our raid times are 20:00 - 23:30 on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. You must be able to attend all of these days. Occasionally, we make non-obligatory raids on Monday. Although this extra night is not obligatory, it is only taken as an advantage if you can make it.

* As a high-end raiding guild we require a roster of dedicated players, with full understanding of the class they play, willing to improve their performance even if it’s just by 1%. Respectable experience in heroic level of raids both in current expansion and previous ones is almost always required.

* The ability to learn from your mistakes, we are all human and even the most skilled player can make a mistake once in awhile. If you can learn from your own mistakes and mistakes of others to adapt and not repeat them again, you will fit in this Guild perfectly. Both your learning curve and focus during raid nights have to be at the highest level.

* You must be able to speak English and not just within a chat box i.e. you will be required to use your microphone at times.

* We have a strong, social community. Every raider is integrated within our structure; a raid-logger is not someone we are after. If you cannot afford to play at other times then main raids, you are not welcome.

* If you are only interested in casual play, not fancy further progress once a boss is killed the first time (or on normal mode), or if you have acquired most of the gear and wish to go AFK until new content appears – don’t bother applying. Leeches were never welcome in SFB.

* SFB is looking for mature, helpful and friendly raiders only. We have a very nice atmosphere and we want to keep that. So grieving, drama, greed, immaturity, selfishness and EMO trips are not traits we are looking for.

SFB is constantly progressing and today stand stronger than ever before. We want you to be part of our community, and through your commitment and dedication challenge with us all of the possible content!

Guild Website:

More info on:

Best regards,
Officers of Shadowforest Brotherhood <span class="underline"/>
Current recruitment needs.

Applications are currently open to all classes, and more specificaly
- Warlock
- Ret Paladin
- Shaman(dps)
- Priest(healer)
Bump for heroic modes !
Ret/prot paladins
Prot warrior
And any exeptional player as usual !
bump , gimme a holy priest
hey, what are you're raiding times?

never mind; i'm blind ;-)

Wed thurs sunday 20:00 to 23:30

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