My Tyrael's Charger is gone

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Hello, i had my Tyrael's charger on my druid a minute ago but then i loggedmy warlock and now its not on my character for some reason....
I have paid 1 month sub for the last few months and i still have a week left on this current sub before i have to pay, also i still have Diablo 3 on my account, wheres my mount?
You will need to create a GM ticket as Blizzard is unable to help you over the forums. You could also contact Account & Billing to see if there's something wrong with your account:
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Hi there,

You may get the answer you are looking for if you contact the Account and Payment Support department:

Account and Payment Support

[Guide] How to call Blizzard Support - Ask a Question

Unfortunately, this is not something that technical support can help you with, or the forums for that matter.
Yeah mine's gone too, just noticed. Can't check the account management page on the site either cos I keep getting apache errors, seems I gotta open a ticket :(
I just checked and I've lost mine too. Probably has something to do with that the Account Management page is down.
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Yeah that's what I thought, but my boyfriend hasn't lost his mount at all. I've checked another character of mine and she's lost hers too... I've opened a ticket so maybe I'll get an answer.
Has he relogged? It happened to me after I exited the game and logged back in.
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Not sure, I only noticed it after I logged from shammy to this cos I went to mount up on it and I saw a gap in my actionbar.. I hope it gets fixed.
Same here. Charger gone, ugly hole in my action bars now...
Mine's gone too. Aw, now I have to ride my stupid dead chicken again. >:|
Can you all please check your emails? Apparently there are some that received emails about parental control issues, amongst other things.
same problem. got a ncie chat with a gm he/she told me that my parental controls are active.
and i didnt reply on the email after the annual pass sign up.
still a bit wierd didnt get a e-mail maybe because got it the saturday after the announcement on blizzcon. bit busy on the server i think
If you haven't received any emails, make sure you check your spam folder.

Otherwise, your best bet would be to contact the Accounts department as I have linked in my first reply here.
I didn't get an e-mail about it. Nothing in the spam folder.
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I had an email but I replied to it ages ago... so why don't I still have my mount? :(
Stupid parental controls are still active, but none in the family remember the email (it hasnt been used in like what, 3 years?)
My horsie is gone too, and I also have my parental control on (but its not like its necessary, I enabled it just for lulz and to get reports about how much I've played)... I have just found that email you mentioned from Blizz, and in it it says that I need to confirm the annual pass before 27/11... and I didn't. I guess it explains it, and now it needs to be straightened out...
No Parental Control here. It's a mystery to me...
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Same issue for me, the last E-mail I received from Blizzard was on 10/11, nothing about parental controls.
I just lost it also. :|

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