cant transmog my gear =(

Now peeps i wonder cause i have my full Grand marshall gear but i cant transmogify it makes me sad can anyone explan please. Greetings from Nightnie
You can't Trans the level 60 PVP gear unless you have the title (Grand Marshal) from the old PVP system.
I should mean you just needed the knight-something or other (the old title that mate you able to buy the first set) and then you could transform your gear to the Grand Marshal set aswell.

Though the title is still the problem
Not exactly, now the oldschool players can feel unique in being able to transmog that gear for themselves.

Even though I guess there's not many left of those by now. <:-(
Thanks :)
Right, transmog is not an RP subject.

It's a general subject at best.

Just because it's armour that you want to wear for RP, does not make it any different than armour that people want to wear for Raiding in. It is not a RP subject.

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