Leatherworking + Skinning = Flayed!

I made a post on wowhead today concerning the crap surrounding the profession bags.

All profession EXCEPT Leatherworking / Skinning have 36 Slot bags and i find that unfair.

To show how unfair ill teach some math.

4 inventory bags + 7 bank bags = 11 bags in total
11 bags * 36 Slot = 396 Slot
11 bags * 28 Slot = 308 Slot

396 Slot - 308 Slot = 88 Slot

This is how many Slot Leatherworking / Skinning proffesion looses.

WHY? this makes no sense. So all come help me get LW / Skinning their desirved bags !

Whilst you are technically correct it is not very relevant is it? How many Skinners/LW would use all slots for LW bags. I have dont much skinning / Lw whilst leveling toons and at Max level crafting stuff and one 32 slotter and a 20 slot home city bag is more than enough to make large amounts of money from LW.

Yes we dont have a 36 slotter, but there are significantly more important things to sort out in the game before this
Unlike mining and herbalism our materials are way more valuable/useful compared to the ammount of space they take up.
Any savage leather can be turned into heavy savage leather.
If you ever find yourself with more then 36 stacks of heavy savage leather/pristine hides you are insanely rich, sell a few stacks and buy normal 26 slotters.

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