[H] Avengers of Time - lvl21 guild 8/8 DS closed req

Chamber of Aspects
Like it says we are currently recruting more members to start raid again.
So we have been doing our first raids and we managed to get 2 bosses down

Atm we are only recruting 1 warlock

we raid thursday,sunday and tuesday 20:00-23:0

If you are interested give me /w in ingame.
Just need a few more, so join us before the spots are taken :D
Still need some more ppl.
Could use another tank to complete our raiding team.
We are now 4/8, still need a warlock and a tank
5/8 now. need a tank and warlock
6/8 now, only need a warlock
Still looking for that warlock, 8/8 in ds now
For now we have closed our recrutment. Socials are still welcome

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