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Hi guys.
Today I went into world of warcraft logged in (which worked perfectly) then clicked on this character. As you know, a picture of some Wow art comes up while the blue bar at the bottom of the screen loads.
However, this would not load I tried it 9 times and the problem kept proceeding.
Any help out there??
Similar problem at the moment, the loading bar goes about two thirds of the way across, then stops? Out of interest did you update your ATI drivers this morning? (wondering if this is the prob?)
I have the same problem with all of my characters. Good to know that others are experiencing this too, I was worried for a while that my pc is broken AGAIN =)
hey there

i have the same problem and my GF to
hoop you guys can fix this
Think log on servers are down
Same problem here.
Iam having the same problem, is anyone have any suggestion's?
Same for me, tried disabling addons but that never helped. Will try a repair now see if that does anything.
Same problem here too. Stuck at 90% of loading screen, with all my characters.
same got dc from server approx 10mins ago now cant join server on any of my accounts even diff servers
So Blizzard, is this going to get fixed or what are we doing wrong? It's quite annoying I', still in the LFR group and thus I will get saved for every single boss but no loot, awesome.
yes this has just started on me too, was fine 30 mins ago now no character will load.
Can't log in to any character right now T_T
Same thing here, i'd qq but i won't cause now i'm going out fishing so i don't care :p

Same problem here, 80 - 90% loaded then nothing.
Alot of people seem to have this problem at the moment. I'm pretty sure there will be an annoument/blue post soon :)
Having the same problem on Alonsus.
Wehey! Same problem. *sigh of relief* Moonglade
Same here...keep getting stuck at around 80% on all my chars.

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