How many MBs of internet does WOW use?

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Hello, folks.

I am a bit slow when it comes to technology, but I recently discovered you could connect to the internet via the mobile internet I get on my mobile phone (a HTC).

I have now successfully connected to the internet, and am able to play WoW at around 40-60ms on both home and world... things.

Then I realized, surely World of Warcraft requires an awful lot of MB of data to play?

I think my contract is 1 GB of internet per month, along with minutes and texts of course, however.

How many hours of WoW playtime, if the playtime even exceeds an hour, would I get off my 1 GB allowance? I raid 25 man three times a week, and just generally play on the game a few hours each day. Can anyone give me some general ideas? I know there will be a massive number of other things that will affect the amount of MB WoW uses, however, someone must have a ballpark figure?


Also, I have posted this on technical forum, but I can't seem to find the post, so I thought I'd post it here too. Again, thanks.
you want to play WoW on your phone?
21/12/2011 23:25Posted by Dysnomia
you want to play WoW on your phone?

OP whats to use the internet connection provided by her mobile phone operators which has 1GB trafic...

I have no idea, Gommin.
Erm, thanks for the link..

I don't want to play WOW on my phone. I want to play WoW on the internet I get on my phone's contract, as Luur said.

Thanks, Luur.
It's not much at all, something like 20-30/kbps if I recall correctly from my time with a mobile broadband.

1gb a month could prove to be a bit short. But then again it depends on how much you plan to use it.
I had 10gb/month and it was enough for wow and random internet surfing several hours every day.


21/12/2011 23:33Posted by Gommin
Or is that 20-30 kilobytes per second?

Yes, that was what I meant
20-30/kbs per what?
Or is that 20-30 kilobytes per second?
Unless you have an *unlimited monthly data plan and have a **high signal strength - don't bother.

* Many (if not all) service providers operate a 'fair usage policy' when regarding unlimited data plans - meaning you get around 500mb (at best) per month on a standard tariff - anything over that usually involves a per MB charge so if you were to play WoW solely via your handset, you're most likely to accrue additional charges.

** Anything less than a 3-5 bar 3G signal produces high latency spikes and frequent DCs during peak play times.
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