Mace for Transmog?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew if there is a 2H mace, that would go with a red armor set?
Thanks :D
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Draconic Maul
World Breaker
Firemaul of Destruction
Torch of the Damned

Those 4 is the maces I got on my paladin along with the red recolored Lightbringer set. I usually rotate em once every few days :P
World Breaker looks exactly the same as Season 1/Season 2 pvp 2h mace, so that's an easier way to get it without having to farm Coilfang Reservoir. :]
Dont forget Herald of Woe!
Alright, First of all; Ty for answers.
I think I'm gonna go for Either World Breater or Firemaul of destruction.

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