[H]: Wiping As Intended 10m - 8/8HC LF Spriest & Tank!

Looking for Players – PvE
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About Wiping As Intended (ebayedguild.com)
Wiping As Intended is a 10man, semi-hardcore, horde raiding guild based on the european server, Aszune. It was created by former members (at one time or another) of the 25man raiding guild Rampage, from the same server.
All members of WAI have extensive raiding experience, some dating back to pre-TBC. The majority of us started playing together in Rampage during TBC, progressing through all tiers while it was still current content (Including Sunwell).
We aim to be a stable guild, capable of clearing all the content blizzard can throw at us before its nerfed into oblivion or outdated, and to complete any raid achievements before they also become outdated.

Raiding Schedule
Currently we raid 4 days a week

Monday: 19:45 - 23:00
Wednesday: 19:45 - 23:00
Friday: 19:45 - 23:00*
Sunday: 19:45 - 23:00

*Raid time will most likely be extended on these days

Application Process
Our trial period normally lasts for about four weeks(unless it gets extended for any reason). During these four weeks you will be evaluated on your raid performance and how well(or not) you are able to interact with the guild as a whole. We are very particular about who we recruit, we're only interested in players that will help the guild improve. We will NOT recruit people to constantly sit out raids.

What we expect of you
- High raiding attendance
- Able to spend hours wiping on new bosses without moaning about it
- Able to handle criticism, however harsh it may be at times
- A steady internet connection (Even if you do ridiculous dps/hps/tps being offline doesnt help the raid)
- A competative nature, always seeking to improve your performance
- Be able to communicate information effectively in english during raids, both in chat and on TS, also know when to keep quiet
- Be able to understand fights quickly, being able to avoid damage where possible
- Be able to think fast and adapt if things for some reason go wrong during an encounter
- Be able to play all specs of your class extremely well
- Be able to throw consumables down your neck during progress raids, this includes using optimal flask/elixir/food set up no matter the cost to you personally as well as using 2 pots on every pull.
- Able to enchant and gem items in a timely fashion, if it cant be done right away it should be done at the soonest possible moment, definately before the next raid!

Currently recruiting:
- Shaman (Elemental)
- Priest (Shadow)
- Rogue
- Paladin(Protection)
- Death Knight(Blood)
- Warrior(Protection)

*Please note that applications from exceptional players will always be considered regardless of recruitment status.
bump for casters!
Is your guild still recruiting a shadowpriest?
23/12/2011 19:41Posted by Bladestórm
Is your guild still recruiting a shadowpriest?

good applications are always welcome regardless of class's were specificly looking for
up up and away!

Looking for a retribution paladin!

Realm first Ultraxion HC down

in dire need of a good skilled ret pala or unholy/frost dk
up it goes
bump bump
More boomkin applies please!

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