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Threrian started to have a bad feeling on what might be happening Threrian turned to Lein and said "I'm sorry to leave you like this but i got a feeling that the others might have need of me" Threrian put the book back under the folds of his robes and proceed to head where the others went.

"Dam it i can't see a thing" Threrian started to cast a weaker immolate which he kept in his hands "Thats better i hope they did not too far ahead" While walking forward he started to hear voices.
Linebeck heard that something was moving in the room. It seemed to be coming towards the woman.
- What´s that in the darkness?
He took out his gun and aimed it towards the dark part.
- It´s... a horrible beast... it nearly devoured me earlier...
The woman looked at the child. She was scared.
- I will give the child back... if you can kill that... monster.
Linebeck looked at the woman, for to see if she meant it.
- Well then... we have a deal then.
The monster was close enough now for to see the outlines of it.
Linebeck loaded the gun and shot at it. It roared in pain.
Time passed... but neither Linebeck, nor Khairan, Ags, or Arthaban showed up. Lein tried her best to treat the draenei's and spirit cat's wounds - and now both were sleeping peacefully, so it was only herself and Therian - and Lein's cat - who were awake and aware, safe and sound.

The waiting lasted for too long now - so no wonder Therian decided to follow the others. Lein didn't want to just sit here waiting for magisters-know-what, but she didn't know what to do with the wounded - she couldn't possibly just live them there. What if something happen to them?

But then the sorceress heard this roar, and understood she couldn't stay in this place any longer. Because there, ahead, is a threat to her daughter's life. The threat she had to deal with. So, after ordering her panther to stay here and protect the draenei and the other cat, Lein followed Therian. Climbing up was difficult for the woman, as she felt dizzy while climbing, and could lose balance any moment. But she climber successfully and proceeded into the tunnel with Therian.
((Did i say Threrian? Damn, sorry...I meant you Khairan XD))

'I think I can keep this going for quite some time, it isn't too hard... Now to answer youre other question: The trail might have ended, but that doesn't mean that they changed directions...Just that they stopped bleeding. I think we should just continue the way we did before...'
The sound of a shot made Ags jump. She dropped the wand and it split in a thousand fragments against the floor of the tunnel.

They were now dependent on Khairan's eerie elfin glow and Arthaban's ability to keep his focus and concentration in order to make the scrying glass continue to give them some light. If Arthaban would get tired and lose grip of the picture in his mind ...

A terrible roar followed, and it was hard to tell what was roaring, or if it was roar of pain or a roar of rage. Or maybe both at same time ?

She looked at the place Khairan was pointing at. It was mysterious. Linebeck wasn't there so clearly he must have found out what to do.

The worgen had maybe been able to smell where to go? In some ways the cursed people had better abilities. Ags wondered how it might be to experience the world the way they did, for instance the smell in the sewers was bad enough, and for a worgen it must be much stronger ... how had Linebeck been able to stand it at all ... and he'd been sniffing around too, like he wasn't bothered by the stench ...Could they also hear better? They could sure have needed Linebeck and his worgen ways now. But he was gone and they were clueless.
Khairan heard the howl - it sounded fairly close by. But then he was distracted by the sound of Ags's wand shattering against the floor. Instantly, he glanced at the shards, wondering if any of them still contained even the smallest scrap of magic. The Blood Elf purged any thought of his addiction from his mind; it was imperative that they found Linebeck, and he had a suspicion that the Worgen had found a shortcut of some sort.

"How much has Dalaran's lower level has changed since it was rebuilt?" He asked. It was probably a stupid question; but if any of his memories of the breakout could help, then that might help.
Or not. Most of what he could remember consisted of running and fighting. He bit into a biscuit, and leaned against the wall, deep in thought.
'Well, both during the destruction and the rebuild, I was stuck behind a stone wall, in Gilneas so I don't really know... And besides, before the wall came to be I never had a lot of reasons to go down here, even though I was quite often in the city above... I however do know that not much should be what it seems... Secret areas, hidden doors...A common sight around here, I think...
Majestor had been sleeping but was woken suddenly buy a ... a roar? it certainly seemed so but from who? or what?

His thoughts were distracted by a voice. He saw a man dressed in all black, the same man he had seen chasing the very spirit cat right next to him earlier.

''Now Draenei, you will give the cat to me.''
Ags had no memories of the older times of Dalaran. She had never spent much time in Dalaran before she was sent home from the warfront and put on office duty.

And she hadn't taken any particular interest in the sewers.

Secret passages and hidden doors? She had heard tales about that but never seen anything in practice. She had assumed it was just stories people liked to tell.

Tales ... Like that silly tale about the Monster of the Sewers that people used to tell their children, just to make them scared of playing in the sewers.

"I've heard about those doors and passages too" she said. She felt really silly when she went on but before she knew she had said it : "And there's a tale about a monster too."

Khairan would for sure laugh her out of the sewers now. And the levelheaded Arthaban would likely not be impressed. How could she have said this? Embarrassing, embarrassing, embarrassing, embarrassing ... The elf would think she was stupid, at best. Fortunately the light was terribly bad and the blush she felt creeping up over her face didn't show ... likely.
At first, Arthaban didn't see these tales as verry interesting, at the moment.... However, a monster? The roars?
'Well, a lot of stories hold some truth in them... I however, have never heard this one...'
Arthaban didn''t really know how t say that he thought the monster could be a likely option...
'How uhm...How does it go? The story that is...?'
The rest probably thought he was some childish idiot for asking this, but if the soty proved at least likely, then there could be a small elven girl held hostage by the monster at this moment...
And if it was true, and he ever encountered the monster, he wanted to know as much as possible of it...
'Just to have something else to think about for some time!'
He lied...
Why, why, why had she mentioned the blasted tale ... now she would need to tell it ... and show that not only had she listened to crap like that, she had memorized it too. Steeling herself for the mocking laughs to come she started to tell the story ...

Once upon a time, many years ago, there was a mage that was as arrogant as she was brilliant and one day she challenged the other mages of Dalaran, in a contest about which one of them could make the most scary polymorph spell in the world.

A few other mages that were as arrogant as her were not late to take the challenge on. They all wanted to win and be best.

And so the contest started. Each on of the mages in the contest was given a fat evil sewers rat and they got three days to find up a way to polymorph the rat into the most scary monster they were able to invent.

When the three days were at and end the mages met deep down in the sewers in order to show off their results. And that was when something went terribly wrong. It's been said that all the monsters were small and unimpressive and squeaky and most of them were looking supsiciously ratlike. But one of the monsters was looking like a fat black cat. And the cat-monster started to eat the rat-monsters, and with each rat it ate it grew.

It grew and grew and grew and grew ... and before the mages had time to realize what was happening the Ratcat of the Sewers was born. And it turned on it's creators and ate them too, and thus it gained all their magic powers.

It was now the Magus Ratcat of the Sewers ! A terrible magic beast indeed !

Only one mage, that had made a particluraly bad little excuse of a mousemonster and because of this had been standing far back in the crowd, feeling ashamed, managed to escape the disaster and tell the authorites what had happened.

From this on there seems to have been considerably fewer rats in Dalaran. The Magus Ratcat disappeared into the sewers, and if it hasn't left it's still lurking there somewhere, stealthing around looking for rats to devour ... or children !

"That's all. Had you not heard that story before ?"
The beast was hurt and it looked towrards Linebeck. It roared and ran towards him!
Linebeck could clearly see what it was now. It was catman. It had the body of a man with a lynx head and claws. It was a monster for sure. He catched the beast as it charged and threw it away.
- A cat beast?! Could it be the Magus ratcat? Should´t it be rather slow and fat!?
The beast once again charged towards him. This time, it pinned him towards the wall.
- Luuuuunch...
The cats mouth was dripping.
"I've not heard it before, and it sounds like a precautionary tale to tell to children. Although, some stories may have a grain of truth in them." He paused, looking at Ags. "This is a city full of magi, so it isn't at all unlikely that there are the odd escapes..." He chuckled.

If you can lose an army, than you can lose something less noticable.

"Not only that, I may have been through a few hidden passages here - although that was several years ago and those may no longer exist. But the possibility remains."
Right... This, however something to remember, seemed higly irrelevant after all... I mean, a cat could make some pretty gross sounds, but no roars... 'Unimpressed' would be the wrong word to say it, but Arthaban's intererests weren't really piqued either...

'Well, since we have no better clue, let's try these "hidden passages" of yours then...'
Right ...

Khairan was chuckling and calling it a story for children and Arthaban was giving her unimpressed eyes.

She'd known it. Her mind had been straying again.

"I'm sorry" she said. " Please just let's go on."

Khairan had been here so long ago that the hidden passages he was speaking about maybe didn't exist any more? Yes, then he must surely be old. And here she was telling him a silly bad childrens tale. Well that was maybe how the humans must seem to the elves, a bunch of silly children, telling silly tales, babbling jacks of many arts and masters of nothing, dead before they even were grown up.

Arthaban was at least trying to make sense. At least one of them was able to make the human race seem a wee bit decent.
Arthaban noticed that Ags felt a bit uncomfortable...
'Don't worry' he said. 'You can't help it you heard this somewhere, neither can you help it you can still remember it... And besides, i was the one who asked to hear it, you did not chose to tell it... And after all...' Arthaban didn't actually know what "After all" so he just gave her one of the mana biscuits so he hoped he didn't have to think of something to end the sentance with.
It was strange for Arthaban that everyone spoke, including himself, over a Dalaran before and after the destruction... He was in Gilneas during both, and though he knows it happened, he missed the happening itself... That damned wall! He missed so much because of it...Too much...
'Well, since I am a diviner, I normally could try to search for these hidden passages, but that would mean I'd have to leave us in the dark...'
"No - don't apologise. It was something else that I was laughing at. Something that when I look back at it and put it into perspective with what has happened today, makes Dalaran seem as if it should be known for losing things. Besides, I said there could be a grain of truth in the tale." He turned to Arthaban, the mention of the crystal ball reminding him of the cravings once more. Still, the mage's suggestion was a good one.
"Do it. I doubt that any of the halls I stumbled through remain after the events that led me through them. But if the Kirin Tor like to keep their secrets out of sight in the bowels of this city, then there's a chance that someone built new ones. Myself, I wonder what they have to hide." The last sentance sounded ever so slightly sinister, and Khairan's lips curled into a slight smile.
Leave them in dark ? Ags wasn't keen on being left to stumble around helplessly in the dark, trying to follow some divination that could be false or true, who knew ...

Anything could happen, they could lose track of each others, and now when she didn't have the wand ...

"Dalaran seems like it should be known for losing things." Yes. Right. She could get lost forever in the darkness of the sewers, lost in a maze of twisting passages, all alike ...

"Wait" she said nervously. "Isn't it better to just keep the light and search ... I mean, it must be better if we are able to see than if we all are blind, mustn't it? Don't turn the light off Arthaban."
Arthaban didn't know to who he had to listen... He started thinking...
'Well, when I'm scrying, we will stay here I suppose... So as a light sorce, I could use one of these stones...' Arthaban showed the rest the stones he thought of earlier.
'They summon a ring of light, but are not mobile. That's why I didn't use them before, but a last resort... What do you think?'
"It ought to work - I remember seeing Linebeck use something similar earlier. You're rather resourceful." Khairan replied. "We should begin immediately - the others are in danger."

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