--->Vampires<--- 1\8HC DS and Guild High Warlords.

--->Vampires<---LVL25 is recruiting ALL 2200+ players for Arena\rBG and DS. 1,000,000 HKs - Guild Gladiators and Reins of the Dark Phoenix unlocked .rBG(Mon-Fri 7-22) rating last season: 2500. Raiding Sun-(Mon) 7-23. 6\7HC FL + 8\8DS is our progress.

Recruiting ALL atm since we are going with a secondary PVE and PVP group.
Best guild eu!
Yeah.. we're pretty good.
Bump - Running several rBGs on a daily basis now.
Update: Currently in need of 1x Tank - 1x Ret - 1x Rogue - But all exceptional players will be considered. Currently 1\8 HC. Only raiding once a week.
big punie bump lolol

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